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Jülich Soft Matter Days 2018

20-23 November 2018

Campus of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich, Germany

Active Systems - Poster List

ASY-01AbaurreaVelasco,C. ; Auth, T.; Gompper, G.
Self-propelled rings: a minimal model for cell motility
ASY-02Soleymani,F.A.; Ripoll, M.; Gompper, G.; Fedosov, D.A
Active Janus Particles in Critical Fluid Mixtures studied with Dissipative Particle Dynamics
ASY-03Fernandez Rodriguez, M.A. ; Alvarez, L.; Grillo, F.; Rathlef, M.; Buttinoni, I.; Volpe, G.; Isa, L.
Controlling the Persistence of Active Magnetic Swimmers
ASY-04Baraban, L. ; Huang, T.; Wang, X.; Gobeil, S.; Makarov, D.; Cuniberti, G.
Exclusion phenomena in a mixture of visible light driven Janus swimmers and passive bead
ASY-05Büscher,T.; Ganai, N.; Gompper, G.; Elgeti, J.
Mechanics of tissue competition: The surprising role of the interface
ASY-06Dalton, B. ; Oriola, D.; Decker, F.; Jülicher, F.; Brugués, J.
Long-ranged stresses spatially organise active filament networks with mass turnover
ASY-07de Buyl, P.
Simulationsof L-shaped chemically-powered active colloids
ASY-08Elgeti, J.
CollectiveDynamics of Self-propelled Semiflexible Filaments
ASY-09Martin-Gomez, A. ; Gompper, G.; Winkler, R.G.
Active Brownian filaments in dilute solution
ASY-10Martinez, Y. ; Raphael, M.; Effertz, M.; Schmidt, A.M.
Developing DNA-flagellated nanostructures as artificial nanoswimmers
ASY-11Massiera,G. ; Donnaruma, D.; Bellouma, K.; Blanc, C.; Vernisse, C.; Petit-Fort, A.; Vachier, I.; Bourdin, A.; Casanellas, L.; Jory, M.
Soft on active matter: Mucus flow on airway epithelia
ASY-12Mourran, A. ; Van Dongen, M.; Schweizerhof, S.; Zhang, H.; Moeller, M.
Shaping up microgels to swim
ASY-13Mousavi,M. ; Gompper, G.; Winkler, R.G.
Scattering of E. coli at surfaces
ASY-14Qi, K. ; Westphal, E.; Gompper, G.; Winkler, R.G.
Enhanced rotational diffusion of squirmers in viscoelastic fluids
ASY-15Roca-Bonet, S. ; Ripoll, M.
Thermally active colloidal propellers and rotors
ASY-16Sarkar,D.; Elgeti, J.; Gompper, G.
Dynamics of phase-separating active fluid with attraction
ASY-17Hokmabad, B.V. ; Baldwin, K.A.; Bahr, C.; Maass, C.C.
Nematic Active Double Emulsions
ASY-18Winkler,R.G. ; Das, S.; Gompper, G.
Active Brownian particles — local bulk pressure
ASY-19Wittmann, R. ; Smallenburg, F.; Sharma, A.; Marconi, U.M.B.; Brader, J.
Pressure and effective interactions of active particles: from planar to curved surfaces

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