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Jülich Soft Matter Days 2018

20-23 November 2018

Campus of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich, Germany

Cell Mechanics and Migration - Poster List

CMM-01Abtahi, N. ; Bouzar, L.; Müller, M.M.
Flexoelectric fluid membrane vesicles in spherical confinement
CMM-02Hillringhaus,S. ; Gompper, G.; Fedosov, D.A.
The Alignment of the Malaria Virus Before Intrusion
CMM-03Krugmann, B. ; Radulescu, A.; Stadler, A.; Koutsioumpas, A.; Förster, S.
Influence of Myelin Basic Protein on the Structure of Model Membranes
CMM-04Luettmer-Strathmann,J.; Alanazi, M.; Murrow, M.; Swoger, M.
Simulating a motor protein on a microtubule
CMM-05Melzak, K.A. ; Moreno-Flores, S.; Bieback, K.
Lipid domains and ageing red blood cells
CMM-06Milczarek,J.; Pawlowska, R.; Chworos, A.
Conjugated oligoelectrolytes as a great tools for visualization life cells and apoptopic membrane blebbing
CMM-07Sarmiento,E. ; Diaz-Santana, R.; Dorta, D.; Contreras, H.; Romero, K.; Perez, F.G.; Morales, B.
Obtaining mechanical and rheological properties of red blood cells by optical tweezers
CMM-08Simsek, A.N. ; Koch, M.D.; Gitai, Z.; Shaevitz, J.W.; Sabass, B.; Gompper, G.
A model for the possible role of substrate rigidity for bacterial migration and colony formation
CMM-09Torres-Vargas,G. ; Chacón-Acosta, G.; Santiago, J.A.
Induced stresses in quasi-spherical elastic vesicles
CMM-10vande Laar, T. ; Sprakel, J.
Grayscale strain sensing in single molecules
CMM-11Korculanin,O.; Yaya, F.; Lee, K.; Wagner, C.; Lettinga, P.
Disentanglement of interaction contributions between two Red Blood Cells using optical tweezers

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