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Jülich Soft Matter Days 2018

20-23 November 2018

Campus of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich, Germany

Colloids and Proteins - Poster List

CAP-01Babel, S. ; Löwen, H.
Collective effects in feedback-driven colloids: Simulation and theory
CAP-02Bielas,R. ; Józefczak, A.; Rozynek, Z.
Efficient formation of oil-in-oil Pickering emulsions by using electric fields
CAP-03Bjelcic,M. ; Niether, D.; Wiegand, S.
Understanding Microscale Thermophoresis: Contributions by simple building blocks of proteins
CAP-04Buitenhuis,J.; Anop, H.
Polyelectrolyte Complexesfrom Oppositely Charged Filamentous Bacteriophages
CAP-05De Sio, S. ; Ott, M.; Wägele, J.; Voigt, B.; Balbach, J.
How fluorescent tags modify oligomer size distribution of the Alzheimer-peptide Ab(1- 40)
CAP-06Fruhner,L. ; Kruteva, M.; Allgaier, J.; Pyckhout-Hintzen, W.; Förster, S.
Supramolecular interactions between crosslinked block copolymer micelles
CAP-07González García, Á. ; Wensink, R.; Maring, J.; Opdam, J.; Lekkerkerker, H.; Tuinier, R.
Four phase coexistences of colloidal platelets in a sea of polymeric chains
CAP-08Higler,R. ; Sprakel, J.
Apparent strength versus universality in glasses of soft compressible colloids
CAP-09Kamal, A. ; Mikšys, A.; Flärdh, K.; Jönsson, P.
Targeting the cell pole: Membrane composition or curvature?
CAP-10Jin, H. ; Kang, K.; Ahn, K.-H.; Briels, W.J.; Dhont, J.K.G.
Non-local stresses in highly non-uniformly flow for dilute suspensions: Shear Curva- ture Viscosity
CAP-11Kruteva,M. ; Feoktystov, A.; Siefker, J.; Biehl, R.; Coppens, M.-O.
Protein in nanopores: confinement or crowding effect?
CAP-12Li, R. ; Gompper, G.; Ripoll, M.
Transport of a flexible helical polymer in shear flow
CAP-13Linne, C. ; Laan, L.; Kraft, D.
Multivalent interactions for super-selective colloids
CAP-14Lorenz, C. ; Stadler, A.
Assembly mechanisms of human Guanylate Binding Protein 1 studied by Time- resolved SAXS
CAP-15Medina-Noyola,M. ; Olais-Govea, J.M.; Lopez-Flores, L.
Transformation of Liquids into Physical Gels: a non-equilibrium Theory
CAP-16Messina, R. ; Spiteri, L.
Self-assembly of dipolar colloids: From chains to bulk
CAP-17Michalska,J.; Allgaier, J.; Förster, S.
Cryo-electron microscopy and neutron scattering of block copolymer micelles and microgels
CAP-18Niether,D.; Di Lecce, S.; Bresme, F.; Wiegand, S.
Thermodiffusion as a probe of hydration
CAP-19Parisi, D. ; Ruan, Y.; Liu, C.; Loppinet, B.; Vlassopoulos, D.
Short and Soft Nanocylinders: Multi-Domain Structure and Tunable Rheology
CAP-20Peters, V.F.D. ; Vis, M.; GonzálezGarcía, Á.; Tuinier, R.
Phase Behavior of Rod-Polymer Mixtures
CAP-21Platten, F. ; Hansen, J.; Moll, C.; Egelhaaf, S.U.
Non-equilibrium states of stickycolloidal particles: phaseseparation and dynamical arrest
CAP-22Sarter, M. ; Stadler, A.; Otten, J.; Höfig, H.; Radulescu, A.; Pohl, M.; Fitter, J.
Large scale structural changes of a FRET based biosensor investigated by SAXS and SANS
CAP-23Schmidt, C. ; Cao, P.; Egold, H.
Investigation of micellargrowth upon addition of fatty alcohol by NMR diffusometry
CAP-24Schweins, R. ; Mariani,G.; Gröhn, F.
Self-Assembly Process of Dendrimers and Oppositely ChargedDyes – A SANS Stu- dy complemented by Thermodynamic Results
CAP-25Schwemmer, C. ; Fringes, S.; Duerig, U.; Ryu, Y.K.; Knoll, A.W.
Experimental observation of current reversal in a rocking Brownian motor
CAP-26Sochor, B. ; Schummer,B.; Düdükcü, Ö.; Gerth, S.; Hanke, R.
Determination of micellar aggregation number using small-angle-X-ray-scattering with absolute calibrated intensities and densometry
CAP-27Spiering, V.J. ; Tupinamba,M.; Schomäker, R.; Gradzielski, M.
Characterization ofSelf-Assembled Surface Active CO2/EOCompounds in Aqueous Solution
CAP-28Tan, Z. ; Ripoll, M.
Orientation of dimericcolloids with thermophoretic heterogeneity
CAP-29Wagner, S. ; Westerhof,E.; Ripoll, M.
Coarse-grained Description of PpPTA Coagulation
CAP-30Walkowiak, J. ; Lu, Y.; Gradzielski, M.; Zauscher,S.; Ballauff, M.
Interaction of Proteins with Polyelectrolytes
CAP-31Wittmann, R. ; Sitta, C.; Smallenburg, F.; Löwen, H.
Density functional theoryfor two-dimensional hard rods
CAP-32Zholkovskyy, E. ; Yaroshchuk, A.; Koter, S.; Naegele, G.
Irreversible Thermodynamics of MembraneTransport of Highly Concentrated Binary Electrolyte Solutions

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