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Jülich Soft Matter Days 2018

20-23 November 2018

Campus of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich, Germany

Flow and Microfluidies - Poster List

FAM-01Barabé, B. ; Gunes, D.Z.; Lettinga, M.P.
Sedimentation rate of non Brownian inclusions in networks of rod like particles
FAM-02Cappello,J.; Bechert, M.; Duprat, C.; du Roure, O.; Gallaire, F.; Lindner, A.
Transport of flexible fibers in confined micro-channels
FAM-03Casanellas,L. ; Brisson, A.; Meriguet, Y.; Massiera, G.
The role of adhesion on the microfluidic flow of biomimetic tissues
FAM-04Cerdà, J.J. ; Sánchez, P.; Kantorovich, S.; Sintes, T.
Micro and nano-channels coated with tunable responsive-polymer brushes: towards a selective rheology of polydisperse particle flows
FAM-05Chien, W. ; Fedosov, D.A.
Blood flow in bio-mimicking pulmonary alveolar capillari
FAM-06Gold, B.J. ; Pyckhout-Hintzen, W.; Wischnewski, A.; Richter, D.
Self-healing supramolecular networks: The phyiscal origin of the mechanical response
FAM-07Hauschild,S. ; Reineke, B.; Förster, S.
Direct preparation of nanoparticles and vesicles using 3D-printed flow focusing microfluidic chips
FAM-08Lang, C. ; Porcar, L.; Kohlbrecher, J.; Radulescu, A.; Lettinga, M.P.
Non-Ideality influences on the shear flow behaviour of colloidal rods
FAM-09Loppinet, B. ; Giuliani, A.; McKenzie, R.
Near wall velocimetry on a rheometer
FAM-10Park,G.W.; Brito, M.; Zholkovskyy, E.; Naegele, G.
Finite element analysis of concentration-polarization layers for cross-flow ultrafiltrati- on in a cylindrical membrane having impermeable segments
FAM-11Perego,E.; Köster, S.
Studying molecular interaction under flow
FAM-12Pieroth,S. ; Heras-Bautista, C.O.; Pfannkuche, K.; Schmidt, A.M.
Elastic matrix beads for cardiomyocyte cell culture
FAM-13Pioli, R. ; Secchi, E.; Fernandez Rodriguez, M.A.; Alvarez, L.; Isa, L.; Stocker, R.
Capillary deposition of microorganisms in a microfluidic channel for the study of cells in spatially controlled environments
FAM-14Reineke,  B.
Encapsulation of cells using microfluidic chips
FAM-15Secchi,E. ; Rusconi, R.; Sartori, A.; Heltai, L.; Stocker, R.
The role of eDNA in the formation of biofilm streamers

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