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Jülich Soft Matter Days 2018

20-23 November 2018

Campus of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich, Germany

Interfaces - Poster List

IFA-01Auth, T.; Yu, Q.; Dasgupta, S.; Othman, S.; Gompper, G.
Nanoparticles at vesicles: a compendium of wrapping at model membranes
IFA-02Costa Campos, L. ; Caspers, S.; Elgeti, J.
Physics of Brain Folding
IFA-03Galvosas,P.; Gentile, L.; Brox, T.I.; Olsson, U.; Schmidt, C.; Kuczera, S.
Rheo-NMR and Rheo-SALS study of multilamellar vesicle formation under large am- plitude oscillatory shear
IFA-04Khobaib, K. ; Mikkelsen, A.; Rozynek, Z.
Deformation of particle-laden droplets and controllable surface particle assembly by using electrohydrodynamic flows
IFA-05Kobayashi,M. ; Tanaka, H.
How a Liquid Film Return to a Droplet?
IFA-06Kubiak,T.; Banaszak, J.; Józefczak, A.; Rozynek, Z.
Ultrasound-triggered release from Janus capsules
IFA-07Kurunczi, S. ; Saftics, A.; Girnt, P.; Peisker, H.; Horvath, R.; Weth, M.
Elasticity behaviour of dextran coatings studied by Nanosurf AFM
IFA-08Mikkelsen,A. ; Rozynek, Z.
Electric field-induced formation and crumpling of particle shells formed on droplets
IFA-09Mayarani,M ; Basavaraj, M.G; Satapathy, D.K.
Coffee-ring suppression through interfacial adsorption of colloids
IFA-10Ryzhkov,N. ; Skorb, E.
Reversible  lipid  bilayer  lift-off  from  biomimetic  multi-layered  semiconductor- polyelectrolyte  nanoarchitecture
IFA-11Sasidharan, S. ; Raghunathan, V.A.
Interaction of mononucleotides with lipid bilayers
IFA-12Surdeko,D.; Rozynek, Z.
Manipulation of microparticles in oil droplets by ultrasonic and electric fields

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