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Aktuelle Seminare / Coming up Seminars

28.01.2021 Theoretical Physics of Living Matter Seminar:  Motility control in biological microswimmers  
25.02.2021 BioSoft Colloquium: Phase separation as an organizing principle in biology and disease
01.04.2021 BioSoft Colloquium: Feeling the force: molecular mechano-sensors in biological systems

Vergangene Seminare / Previous Seminars

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14.01.2021 BioSoft Colloquium: Controlling the physics of cellular organization
10.12.2020 Theoretical Physics of Living Matter Seminar:  Synthetic cell membrane mimics interacting with living matter  
03.12.2020 BioSoft Colloquium: To bud or not to bud: remodeling of artificial cells
26.11.2020 Theoretical Physics of Living Matter Seminar:  From single cells to emergent mechanical properties of tissue  
19.11.2020 Theoretical Physics of Living Matter Seminar:  Unraveling the dynamics of living systems: What can noisy trajectories teach us?  
12.11.2020 Theory Seminar & Webinar: Red blood cell mechanics and active fluctuations
26.10.2020 - 29.10.2020 Online Conference Motile Active Matter
09.07.2020 Theory Seminar & Webinar: Biomimetic ciliary propulsion with soft robotic microactuation
18.06.2020 Theory Seminar & Webinar: Effect of environment on active materials – from cell-surface scattering to polymers in active solutions
04.06.2020 !POSTPONED! Theory Seminar & Webinar: Filamentous Active Matter: Band Formation, Bending, Buckling, and Defects