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Symposium - From Membranes to Cells 2016

7 - 8 November 2016

Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


 Abstracts of oral and poster contributions (PDF, 15 MB)


7 November 2016

13:15Bus leaves hotel
14:00-14:15Welcome Address
Chair: Roland G. Winkler
14:15-14:45 Michael Schick: "Is the plasma membrane a two-dimensional microemulsion?"
14:45-15:15Ulrich Schwarz: “Studying protein self-assembly with patchy particle models“
15:15-15:45 Dmitry Fedosov: “Fascinating red blood cell properties: non-equilibrium membrane fluctuations and intricate dynamics in flow”
15:45-16:15Coffee break
Chair:  Thorsten Auth
16:15-16:45Erwin Frey: "New Paradigms in Pattern Formation"
16:45-17:15Kurt Kremer: "Polymeric Degrees of Freedom Do Matter: Polymer Melts, Elastomers, Collapsed Polymer Globules, Chromosome Territories etc"
17:15-17:45Roland Netz: “A Highly Stretched Polymer in Water is an Energetic, not an Entropic Spring”
17:45-18:15Wim Briels: "Coarse grain simulations of protein assemble: clathrin cages and alpha-synucleon fibers"
18:30Sebastian Schmidt: "Over 15 years of Soft Matter and Biophysics"
19:00-21:00Poster session
21:00   Bus back to hotel

8 November 2016

08:30Bus leaves hotel
Chair:  Marisol Ripoll
09:00-09:30David Nelson: "Thermalized sheets and shells: curvature matters"
09:30-10:00Reinhard Lipowsky: "From Membranes to Synthetic Cells"
10:00-10:30Friederike Schmid: "Heterogeneous membrane structure and membrane-protein interactions: Insights from coarse-grained simulations"
10:30-11:00Thorsten Auth: "Particle-membrane interaction: from model systems towards cells"
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Chair:  Dmitry Fedosov
11:30-12:00Siegfried Dietrich: “Capillary forces on colloids at fluid Interfaces”
12:00-12:30Hartmut Löwen: “Colloidal particles in nonequilibrium: from nano-clutches to motility landscapes"
12:30-13:00Holger Stark: "Hydrodynamics of active and passive colloids under confinement"
13:00Group Photo
13:00-14:30Lunch break
Chair:  Gerrit Vliegenthart
14:30:15:00Benjamin Kaupp: "In the realm of statistical physics – single-molecule sensitivity of sperm"
15:00-15:30Jens Elgeti: "Swimming on the edge"
15:30-16:00Joachim Krug: “Genotypes, phenotypes, and Fisher’s geometric model”
16:00-16:30Coffee break
Chair:  Jens Elgeti
16:30-17:00Udo Seifert: “Biomolecular processes at steady state”
17:00-17:30Jan Dhont: “Shear-gradient induced mass transport: Non-uniform flow of glasses and gels”
17:30-18:00Hansjörg Dittus: "Search for Life beyond Earth - The Mainspring of Space Exploration?"
18:15   Bus to hotel
18:30Bus to Burg Obbendorf
18:30-22:00Workshop dinner (Burg Obbendorf)
Bus to Rurtalbahn and hotel
Bus to Forschungszentrum and hotel