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DFG Priority Programme "Microswimmers"

Priority Programme “Microswimmers – From Single Particle Motion to Collective Behaviour” (SPP 1726)

List of Projects


Full titleShort title
1.Artificial microswimmers formed by liquid crystal dropletsArtificial microswimmers
2.Experimental investigations of self-propelled particles in dynamical environmentsSelf-propelled particles
3.Experimental investigations of metachronal synchronization in 2D cilia arraysMetachronal synchronization
4.Propulsion and Interaction of Hot Brownian SwimmersHot Brownian Swimmers
5.Stirring by microorganisms: the case of ShewanellaStirring by microorganisms
6.From solitary swimmers to swarms and back: trypanosomes on their journey through the tsetse flyFrom solitary swimmers to swarms
7.Magneto-aerotaxis in magnetotactic bacteriaMagnetotactic bacteria
8.Enzyme powered autonomous microswimmersAutonomous microswimmers
9.Syncing noisy flagella: Unveiling mechanisms of robust flagellar synchronization in biological microswimmers in the presence of active fluctuations using realistic hydrodynamic simulations parametrized by state-of-the-art analysis of experimental data Syncing noisy flagella
10.Ciliated MicroswimmersCiliated Microswimmers
11.Cooperative Motion of Microswimmers: The Role of Shape Anisotropy and Hydrodynamic InteractionsCooperative Motion
12.3D Navigation of sperm cells in a chemical gradient3D Navigation
13.Swimming of deformable microcapsulesSwimming of deformable microcapsules
14.Understanding the collective behaviour of microswimmers within microscopic statistical theoryThe collective behaviour
15.Motility of Coupled SwimmersMotility of Coupled Swimmers
16.Hydrogel-Microswimmers Actuated by Near Infrared Light effected Volume ChangeHydrogel-Microswimmers
17.Modular phoretic micro-swimmers: from individual drifters to multi- component self-propelling complexes and interacting swarmsModular phoretic micro-swimmers
18.Creaming, diving and swimming microcapsules driven by chemical reactionsCreaming, diving and swimming
19.Cooperative properties of thermophoretic microswimmersCooperative properties
20Tailoring the mutual interaction between self-propelled particles: teaching colloids how to swarmMutual interaction
21.Swimming Behaviour of a Sperm-Flagella Driven Micro-Bio-Robot: From Fundamental Studies to Biomedical ApplicationsSperm-Flagella Driven Micro-Bio-Robot
22.Single motion and collective behavior of self-propelling droplets driven by Marangoni flowMarangoni flow
23.Dynamical aggregation of self-propelled colloidal particlesDynamical aggregation
24.From single-swimmer motion to collective patterns under gravitational field: A particle-based hydrodynamic studyGravitational field
25.Active microrheology of dense microswimmer suspensionsActive microrheology
26.Bacterial Swarming: Role of Flagella in Emergent BehaviourBacterial Swarming