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Motile Active Matter: Nanomachines, Microswimmers, and Swarms

Winter School

February 25 - March 1, 2019 in Jülich, Germany

Poster Program

Poster Presentations 

A display board (120 cm wide x 145 cm high) will be provided for each poster. General assistance with mounting your poster as well as the necessary mounting materials will be made availablePter .

P01Penetration of a model membrane by a self-propelled active
A. Daddi-Moussa-Ider
P02The squirmer model and beyond
F. Fadda
P03Theoretical Investigation of Structure Formation by Magnetotactic Bacteria
V. Telezki
P04Active Nematics Formed by  Bacteria in Patterned Chromonics
R. Koizumi
P05Self-propulsion of Camphor Symmetric Interfacial Swimmers
D. Boniface
P06Microswimmers self-propelled by Thermophoresis
S. Roca-Bonet
P07Active Brownian filaments in dilute solution
A. Martìn-Gòmez
P08Scattering of E. coli at surfaces
M. Mousavi
P09Light dependent motility of microalgae induces pattern formation in confinement
A. Fragkopoulos
P10Longwave nonlinear theory for chemically active droplet division instability
M. Abu Hamed
P11Bead-spring modelling microswimmers
S. Ziegler
P12Light-driven Janus microswimmers in dense colloidal matrix
T. Huang
P13Active Brownian Particles in Crowded Media
A. Liluashvili
P14Evolution in range expansions with competition at rough boundaries
S. Chu
P15Mode-Coupling Theory for Active Brownian Particles
J. Reichert
P16Structure and dynamics of a self-propelled semiflexible filament
S. P. Singh
P17IHRS Biosoft
T. Auth
P18IHRS Biosoft
T. Auth
P19Pairing, waltzing and scattering of chemotactic active colloids
S. Saha
P20Instability in settling array of discs
R. Chajwa
P21Self-propelled particles in anisotropic environments
A. R. Sprenger
P22A phase field crystal approach to active systems with inertia
D. Arold
P23Ring polymers are much stronger depleting agents than linear ones
I. Chubak
P24Enhanced rotational diffusion of squirmers in viscoelastic fluids
K. Qi
P25Dynamics of confined phoretic colloids
K. R. Prathyusha
P26Enhanced  dynamic  heterogeneity  in  model  active  glass forming liquids
K. Paul
P27Tracer Diffusion in a Dense Active Bath
L. Abbaspour
P28pH dependence of Swimming Direction of Janus Micromotors
F. Rühle
P29Role of pH in Micro-swimming
N. Möller
P30Chemical micromotors that self-assemble
T. Yu
P31Active apolar doping determines routes to colloidal clusters and gels
H. Massana-Cid
P32Efficient photocatalytic bismuth vanadate microparticles for active propulsion
S. Heckel
P33Polarization of Brownian swimmers with spatiotemporally heterogeneous activity
S. Auschra
P34Active Brownian heat engine
S. Steffenoni
P35Dependence of Swimming Direction of Janus Micromotors on pH
N. Murty
P36Photo-Induced Motion of Polymer Brush Coated Small Particles
M. Sokolowski
P37Linear rheology of reversibly cross-linked biopolymer networks
H. E. Amuasi
P38Brownian molecules formed by delayed harmonic interactions
D. Geiß
P39Collective rotations of active particles interacting with obstacles
Z. Mokhtari
P40Influence of catalysts on the propulsion path of micromotors
P. Chattopadhyay
P41Active matter systems can exhibit coexisting patterns of competing symmetries
T. Krüger
P42Impact of Brush/Water Interface on the self-propulsion of Janus Particles
M. Heidari
P43Tissue Mechanics: Stokes Flow in Confluent Cell Simulations
C. P. Beatrici
P44Self-propelled rods with quorum sensing
T. Auth
P45Shape and motility of composite active agents with internal degrees of freedom
C. Abaurrea Velasco
P46A Model For The Possible Role Of Substrate Rigidity For Bacterial Migration And Colony Formation
A.N. Simsek
P47Collective intercellular communication through ultra-fast hydrodynamic trigger waves
A. J. T. M. Mathijssen
P48Collective motion in biological systems:  Langevin Equation investigation
L. Amallah
P49The tortoise and the hare: how collective behaviours within bacterial biofilms select for cells that move more slowly
O. J. Meacock
P50Filamentous Active Matter:   Band Formation,  Bending, Buckling, and Defects
G. A. Vliegenthart
P51Sperm motility in modulated microchannels
S. Rode
P52Spontaneous Spatiotemporal Ordering of Shape Oscillations Enhances Cell Migration
M. Campo
P53Actuation of particles in modulated Poiseuille flow
W. Schmidt
P54Multiparticle Collision Dynamics Modeling of Nematic Liquid Crystal with Variable Order Parameter
S. Mandal
P55A minimal model for fluid-like collective cell migration
D. Sarkar
P56Hydrodynamic interactions of beating cilia
A. Solovev

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Page Picture – Swarming of spheroidal microswimmers (Courtesy: K Qi, R. G. Winkler, G. Gompper; inspired by Andy Warhol)



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Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH,
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