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BioScience 2012

Workshop on "Frontiers in Biomolecular Sciences: From Molecules to Cells"

November 7th - 9th, 2012 
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


To perform a specific function, biomolecules usually interact with many other molecules and often undergo large conformational changes. Structural changes at the molecular level can affect higher order structure and vice versa, as for example the mechanical properties of actin filaments are governed by the intricate details of the subunit interactions. Understanding this interplay between the molecular and cellular level is one of the grand challenges in biology, as this requires covering a wide range of length and time scales. Simulation and computational modelling are essential tools to address these challenges. Here, the interplay with experiments is crucial, in particular for the interpretation of experimental results and the integration of different experimental techniques.

This workshop will bring together both experimentalists and theorists with the goal of identifying and discussing state-of-the-art and emerging techniques for the characterization of biomolecular structure and dynamics from the molecular to the cellular level. The workshop is on the one hand an opportunity for theorists to learn about the challenges, limitations and potential of a broad range of biology-driven experiments, which should help to identify key questions where simulations can have a great impact on biomolecular research. On the other hand, the workshop is intended to encourage experimentalists to explore the potential of molecular or mesoscale simulations. The development of novel simulation techniques requires close interaction with the experiment to understand which properties of biomolecules and higher order structures are important, which approximations are justified, etc. The workshop aims to initiate and foster the interaction of theorists and experimentalists to eventually stimulate new simulation approaches.




Gerhard Gompper
Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics (ICS-2/IAS-2)

Gunnar Schroeder
Structural Biochemistry (ICS-6)

Birgit Strodel
Structural Biochemistry (ICS-6)

Dieter Willbold
Structural Biochemistry (ICS-6)