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Annual Meeting 2016

SPP 1726 “Microswimmers – from single particle motion to collective behaviour”


The Annual Meeting for the SPP 1726 “Microswimmers – from Single Particle Motion to Collective Behaviour” will be held from

19-20 May 2016 at:

Forschungszentrum caesar, Ludwig Erhard-Allee 2, 53175 Bonn, in the Auditorium

Start: 19.05.2016 at 08:45 am
Close: 20.05.2016 at 17:00 pm


One talk will be given for each SPP and associated project. Please note that the aim of the meeting is to give an overview of the research activity within the SPP. It is therefore intended that the talks will be given by the PhD students responsible for the individual projects.

Depending on the number of presenters, we also plan to organize a poster session.

Registration and Accommodation

A number of single, no-smoking rooms have been reserved in advance at the

Gustav Stresemann Institut
Langer Grabenweg 68
53175 Bonn-Bad Godesberg

located near the venue of the Annual Meeting.

Additional Information


Scientific Coordinator


Professor Gerhard Gompper,
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institute of Complex Systems (ICS),
Phone: 02461 / 61-4012
Email: spp-microswimmers@fz-juelich.de