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Prof. Dr.-Ing. O. Guillon

Prof. Dr. Olivier Guillon
Direktor des Instituts für Energie- und Klimaforschung (IEK-1): Werkstoffsynthese und Herstellungsverfahren
Telefon: +49 2461 61-5181

Chair of Materials Synthesis for Energy Technologies
RWTH Aachen University

Born 1975, French citizen

Institutsleiter Prof. Dr. Olivier Guillon

Research interests

Ceramic materials and components for energy technologies:

• Thermal barrier coatings and high temperature ceramics

• Gas separation membranes

• Solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysers

• All-solid-state batteries

Ceramic processing, including:

• constrained sintering

• electric field and pressure assisted sintering


• From 02/2014: Director of IEK-1 and Full Professor at RWTH Aachen University (Materials Synthesis for the Energy)

• 02-04/2013; 10/2015: Guest professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

• 10/2011-02/2014: Professor of "Mechanics of functional materials", Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany

• 01/2007: Head of Emmy Noether Group "New ceramic processes and their mechanical characterization", TU Darmstadt, Germany

• 07-12/2006: Visiting scientist at University of Washington, USA (Prof. R. Bordia)

• 09/2004-12/2006: Post-doc, Ceramics Group, TU Darmstadt (Prof. J. Rödel)

• 2003-2004: Assistant, Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Ferroelectricty, INSA Lyon, France

• 01/2012: Habilitation "Constrained sintering of ceramic materials", TU Darmstadt
• 10/2000-09/2003: PhD thesis with honors "Electromechanical characterisation and modelling of PZT ferroelectric ceramics", Laboratory of Applied Mechanics, University of Franche-Comté, France
• 1999-2000: Postgraduate course in Mechanics of Solids and Surfaces, University of Franche-Comté, France
• 1994-1998: Alès School of Mines Engineer, France, Majoring in Materials
Awards and professional activities
• ACerS Robert L. Coble Award for Young Scholars (2011)
• FEMS Materials Science and Technology Prize (2011)
• DGM Masing-Gedächtnispreis (2010)
• Coordinator of the DFG Priority Programme 1959 „Manipulation of matter controlled by Electric and magnetic field: Towards novel synthesis and processing routes of inorganic materials“
• Associate Editor, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (from 2016)
• Referee for the DFG, BMBF, DoE (USA), ISF (Israel), ANVUR (Italy), AERES (France)
• Speaker of the German expert committee on Field Assisted Sintering Technique / Spark Plasma Sintering (Gemeinschaftsausschuss Pulvermetallurgie)
• Organization of the first Spring School on Field Assisted Sintering Technique (2011, Volkswagen Foundation)
• Member of The American Ceramic Society, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde (DGM), Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft (DKG), DGM-DKG Coordination board
Articles in international journals

Scholar: Prof. Dr.-Ing. O. Guillon