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Particle based processing and sintering

The spectrum of activities of the team comprehends the net-shaped manufacturing of parts via pressing technologies and powder injection molding of plastic feedstocks followed by debinding and sintering. Additionally, comprehensive technologies exist to sinter metal or ceramic powders with superposed pressure and/or electric field.

Net-shaping of ceramic and metallic powders
Sintering with superposed pressure and/or superposed electrical field
Wet-Chemical Shaping Techniques
Special Characterization Methods
Sintering facilities (inert gas/vacuum)
Substrate and Layer Materials (Selection)

Principle sketch of sintering devicesa.) Principle sketch of a FAST/SPS device b.) Modification of the sintering device for the flash modus c.) Graphite dies for field assisted sintering (∅ 100 mm) d.) Y₂O₃ sample (∅ 100 mm) sintered by FAST/SPS.

The team ”Particle based processing and sintering“ provides specific net-shaping and sintering technologies, which can be applied for metallic and ceramic powders. The equipment comprises on the one hand shaping technologies like powder presses, powder injection molding and tape casting (of metal powders), on the other hand specific sintering technologies, which enable the superposition of pressure (hot pressing HP) or superposition of pressure and electrical field (Field Assisted Sintering Technology FAST/Spark Plasma Sintering SPS, Sinter forging SF) during the sintering process.