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Jan Kaumanns
  • Master thesis, February 1st, 2019 - July 31st, 2019
  • Development of a FEM model to optimize the load-oriented design of a laminated composite of transparent ceramic and glass or plastic substrate

Juliane Nonemacher

Juliane Nonemacher

  • PostDoc researcher, September 15th, 2018 - Februar 28th, 2019
  • Thesis, September 15th, 2015 - September 14th, 2018
  • Micromechanical characterization of solid electrolytes for energy storage application using depth sensitive indentation

Mujin Yang

Mujin Yang

  • Guest stay, October 13th, 2017 - August 31st, 2018
  • New heat-resistant steels with G-phase precipitates

Dr. Jennifer Lopez Barrilao

  • PostDoc researcher, November 19th 2016 - June 30th 2018
  • Mechanical and microstructure characterisation of high chromium, Laves phase strengthened ferritic steels, ferritic-martensitic steels and PHPS based ceramic oxidation protection layers

  • Thesis, June 1st 2013 - November 18th 2016
    Microstructure Evolution ofLaves Phase Strengthened Ferritic Steels for High Temperature Applications

Raphael Silva

Raphael Silva

  • Thesis, March 1st, 2015 - February 28th, 2018
  • Development and analysis of mechanical properties of customized porous support for ceramic oxygen transport membrane

Prof. Dr. Wakako Araki

Prof. Dr. Wakako Araki

  • Guest stay, July 1st, 2017 - December 31st, 2017
  • Macro- and microscopic investigation of mechanical behaviours of ferroelastic ceramics for energy and environment
  • Dr. Araki is a professor at Saitama University in Japan

Erik Skiera

Dr. Erik Skiera

  • PostDoc researcher, November 1st, 2012 - December 31st 2017
  • Thesis, October 1st, 2009 - October 31st, 2012
  • Joining Methods: Reactive Air Brazing (RAB), Mechanically Supported Solid State Bonding (M3SB)
  • Mechanical Characterization: Controlled isothermal crack propagation based on wedge splitting and compact tension test, thermal shock experiments via electron beam; isothermal and thermal cycling annealing experiments, fracture energy of joints (Notched-4-point-bending-test), double sheer test
  • Materials: Refractories,; YSZ, Al2O3, Thermoelectrica, ferritic steels, austenitic steels

An-Ni Wang

Dr. An-Ni Wang

  • PostDoc researcher, March 1st, 2017 - December 31st, 2017
  • Mechanical properties of ceramic materials for advanced energy applications with the aim to understand and improve lifetime and solve current mechanical issues related to stability and reliability of materials, such as strain-induced failure, adhesion, and spallation
  • Current projects include in-situ stress/strain measurement in solid electrolyte and battery electrodes, micro-mechanical testing for ceramics, and X-ray residual stress and stress gradient measurements for failure analysis

Jianping Wei

Dr. Jianping Wei

  • PostDoc researcher, August 1st, 2016 - December 31st, 2017
  • Thesis, May 1st, 2013 - July 31st, 2016
  • Mechanical characterization of materials, especially for thin layers, ceramic and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)

Yin Zou

Dr.-Ing. Ying Zou

  • Thesis, March 1st, 2014 - August 31st, 2017
  • Thermomechanical characterization of oxygen transport membrane materials for energy efficient new generation carbon capture process

Masood Fakouri Hasanabadi

Masood Fakouri Hasanabadi

  • Guest stay, October 1st, 2016 - June 1st, 2017
  • Mechanical properties of glass-ceramic sealants for solid oxide fuel cells
  • Mr Fakouri Hasanabadi is a Ph.D. student at Sharif University of Technology, Teheran, Iran