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Technology development

• HT-PEFC stack development [1,2]
• Fuel cell stack simulation with CFD [3]
• Graphitic bipolar plates [4]
• Metallic bipolar plates [5]
• Protective coatings [6]

These activities link the fundamental research of our group to the system integration and the application in the area of ‘on board power supply’ (APU: Auxiliary Power Unit) as well as to combined heat and power generation (CHP). The development of fuel cell stacks is performed in close cooperation with other research and development partners from university, institutes and industry.
Computational fluid dynamics simulations of fuel cell stacks are used in combination with suitable validation experiments. Our group has several years of experience of designing and operating single cells and stacks based on graphitic bipolar plates in the range of 5 W to 5 kW. At present metallic bipolar plates are employed in order to increase the specific power density of the stacks. The development of robust and inexpensive protective layers for metallic bipolar plates is an important supporting activity.

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