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Dr. Qingping Fang

Dr. Qingping Fang

Electrochemical measurement techniques

Dr. Qingping Fang is a senior researcher and the group leader for Electrochemical Measurement Technique in the department of High Temperature Fuel Cells at the IEK-3. He studied Engineering Mechanics in the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in China. After obtaining his M.Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering at University of Kiel (CAU) in 2002, he continued his PhD work on SOFC materials there under the supervision of Prof. Werner Weppner. In 2007, he obtained his doctoral degree, and started to work at staxera GmbH (later sunfire GmbH) in Dresden as a project engineer and materials scientist. Starting from early 2012, he joined the SOFC department at IEK-3 as a research fellow, and took the position of head of “Electrochemical Measurement Technique” one year later. Dr. Fang has comprehensive experience of SOC technology, covering from material research to stack production. His main fields of scientific research at IEK-3 include characterization of SOC stacks (electrochemical and thermomechanical), degradation mechanisms and stack optimization.


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