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Prof. Ludger Blum

Prof. Ludger Blum

Head of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Professor Ludger Blum is head of the High Temperature Fuel Cells Department of the Institute at the IEK-3. He got the diploma (Dipl. Ing.) in mechanical engineering of the University of Karlsruhe/Germany. After leaving university in 1984 he joined the Corporate Research of the Siemens Corporation and from this on he was engaged in research and technical development of fuel cell stacks and systems. First he worked on lay out, design and test of alkaline fuel cell modules for submarine applications. From 1988 till 1992 he was responsible for engineering and design of an alkaline fuel cell for space applications for the European space shuttle HERMES. Since then he was involved in the development of solid oxide fuel cells for stationary applications, where he was responsible for stack design, system engineering, design and operation of test facilities. In 1998 he was the responsible project manager for the planar SOFC development at Siemens and until 2000 he was responsible for SOFC demonstration plants in Europe. Since 2000 he is Professor at the University of Applied Science in Aachen and is head of the High Temperature Fuel Cells Department at Forschungszentrum Jülich. His group is doing design, modelling and characterization of SOFC stacks, system components and systems. Since the year 2011 also high temperature electrolysis is a subject in stack characterization and systems research and evaluation.


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