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Dr. Marcelo Carmo

Dr. Marcelo Carmo

Head of Electrochemistry Electrolysis

Dr. Marcelo Carmo is the head of the Electrochemistry Electrolysis Department at the IEK-3. He received his doctorate from Sao Paulo University in 2008. He was post-doctoral fellow at Technological Research Institute of Sao Paulo from 2008 until 2009, post-doctoral associate at Yale University until 2011 and at the Forschungszentrum Jülich until 2014. He has served as visiting scholar at many institutions such as IPEN and IPT in Brazil, HIAT and TU Darmstadt in Germany, Paul Scherer Institute in Switzerland, and National Renewable National Lab – NREL in the USA. His current research interests include fundamental and applied aspects of water electrolyzers. He works for example to understand the structure and dynamics of electrocatalysts, i.e. on the relationship between the nano/microstructure of electrodes presenting high performance and durability. It also encompasses the development of advanced characterization methods and the assessment of scaling-up aspects related to novel architectures for catalyst coated membranes (CCMs). Highlights of ongoing work include the introduction of low noble metal loading CCMs in PEM electrolyzers, the critical assessment of gas permeation across the polymer electrolyte membrane, and the elucidation of degradation mechanisms and aging behavior in cell components. These efforts have important implications in hydrogen generation towards designing the next generation of water electrolyzers. Dr. Carmo is currently the operating agent of the ANNEX 30 electrolysis within the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Advanced Fuel Cells Implementing Agreement.


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