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Institute of Energy and Climate Research

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Conversion Technologies for an Efficient Energy Supply

IEK-3 provides technologies, process concepts, models and studies for future energy systems focused on electrochemical process engineerung

IEK-3 is one of eleven subinstitutes within the Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK) at Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH. IEK-3 aims to conduct research of social, ecological and economic relevance and thus generate groundbreaking results on an international level. This quality of work is achieved through basic research in close coordination with technical development work in relevant scientific and technical fields of expertise. Special significance is attached here to international cooperations with partners from research and industry.

IEK-3 has more than 110 employees. Its scientific and technological core competences are electrochemistry and energy process engineering. IEK-3 performs application-oriented research and development for water electrolyzers with polymer electrolyte membrane and alkaline electrolyte, solid oxide fuel cells and fuel processing systems. This involves the modeling, implementation, experimental investigation and systems analysis of energy systems and their components as well as electrochemical processes and process control.

IEK-3 focuses on implementing results from research in innovative products, procedures and processes in cooperation with industry. It is keen to make a contribution to bridging the gap between science and technology. Cooperation with universities, universities of applied sciences, training workshops and training centres is designed to promote opportunities for further education and training.