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High heat flux test

In the electron beam facilities JUDITH-1 und JUDITH-2 simulation of very high operational thermal loads are performed on materials and components for modern power generation facilities. In both devices the surface loads are applied by the means of an electron beam that is scanned across the surface with high frequencies. Generally, two different operation modes exist:

Quasi-continuous and cyclic loads (thermo-mechanical fatigue) during which steady state conditions are achieved which are used for investigating the integrity of components, consisting of an armor material where the surface load is applied and a heat sink material for the efficient heat removal.

IOR-Bild während Zyklierung an Beryllium-Komponenten

IR-Image during thermal cycling of beryllium components.

Transient loads with pulse durations of a few milliseconds that simulate high energetic thermal-shock loads. The occurring damage is characterized by weighing (determining of material erosion), profilometry, microscopy and metallographic means.

Ansteigende Thermoschockbelastung von Wolfram

Thermal-shock loading of tungsten with increasing pulse number and power density.


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