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The silicon heterojunction baseline program

Silizium Heterojunction Baseline Programm

The silicon heterojunction baseline program at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research 5 –Photovoltaics – comprises the entire process technology for a baseline for highly efficient solar cells with silicon heterojunction (SHJ). The overall technological aim is the realization of SHJ solar cells with a reproducible efficiency of > 25 % on industrial-sized wafers serving as platform for further innovative concepts. The baseline comprises state-of-the-art systems for the whole process chain of SHJ solar cells covering the wet-chemical pretreatment, thin-film depositions, metallization and analytical tools for a quick assessment of the results. A throughput of up to 60 cells/day on 6-inch wafers (M2/M6) should be possible. The highest measured efficiency of a SHJ solar cell produced entirely at IEK-5 on a M2 wafer with SmartWire design is 24.2 %. Aside from providing a platform for the development of innovative high-efficiency concepts, the baseline also aims at supporting industrial companies working in the photovoltaic branch and especially in the area of SHJ.