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Solar foil production on the roll

- Energy for the Internet of Things -

Flexible solar cells have great potential to extend solar power generation to new applications and to produce electricity at low cost where it is needed. They open up possibilities for developing new fields of application such as the supply of self-sufficient small systems (Internet of Things) or electromobility and to compete in the long term with established technologies. In order to create production capacities, roll-to-roll manufacturing processes and scalable solar cell modules are to be developed in this project.

As part of the project, IEK-5 is researching organic solar cells with new acceptor molecules. Instead of the commonly used, but only weakly absorbing fullerenes we use alternative strongly absorbing acceptor molecules. In the area of measurement technology, the working group focuses on the further development of time- and frequency-resolved measurement methods (transient photovoltage or photocurrents, as well as admittance / impedance-based measurement methods) using detailed electro-optical simulations.

The cells are prepared on glass substrates by means of spin-coating. The aim is to use non-chlorinated solvents or mixtures, but to respect the process times and temperatures, which are limited by the future processing on external, adapted production facilities.

Project partner:

  • Forschungszentrum Jülich (IEK5-Photovoltaik)
  • Enerthing GmbH, Leverkusen
  • ZOEK Zentrum für Organische Elektronik Köln gGmbH

This project is funded by the European Union and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.