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Measurement of ozone, water vapour, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides aboard Airbus in-service aircraft

MOZAIC Flug Karte

The MOZAIC (Measurement of Ozone, Water Vapour, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxides by Airbus In-Service Aircraft) program was designed to collect trace gas by using automatic equipment installed on board five long-range Airbus A340 operated by European airlines (Lufthansa 2x, Air France, Austrian Airlines, Sabena) . Overall goal thereby was to get a better understanding of the processes governing chemistry and climate of the atmosphere and its coupling. MOZAIC, funded by the European Commission, started its mission with the continuous and automatic measurements of ozone and water vapour in 1994. The measurement capability was expanded to include measurements of carbon monoxide (CO) and total odd-nitrogen (NOy) in 2001. Although, EU-funding for MOZAIC ended in February 2004, the measurement programme was continued until the end of 2014. Over more than 20 years MOZAIC has collected more than 300,000 flight hours of measured data. MOZAIC provided the first climatologies for ozone, water vapour, carbonmonoxide and total odd-nitrogen (NOy) in the troposphere and lower stratosphere up to 12 km altitude. The in-service aircraft measurements had been continued in the IAGOS (In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System) project which has started its observation programme in July 2011.