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Specification of the Facility

The entire simulation process is automated by computer control to have reproducible conditions with respect to the simulation process of pressure, temperature, ozone, and humidity versus time as well as with respect to the recording and storage of the large variety of parameters measured during the simulation process. The computer controlled simulation facility enables us to investigate the performance of the different-types of ozone and humidity sensing devices under quasi flight conditions in the troposphere and lower/middle stratosphere up to 35 km altitude. The technical specifications of the simulation facility are summarized.

  • Test room volume = 500 liter (80x80x80 cm)
  • Separate temperature control of wall (inclusive door) and air inside the test room
  • Computer controlled simulation according to "real" atmospheric conditions:

    1. Pressure: 5-1000 hPa
    2. Temperature: Separate control of air and wall: D T £ 30 K

      • dynamic: Rate =  2 K/min
      • static: Fluctuations <= 0.1-0.2 K
      • /ul>
      • Ozone: Mixing Ratio 5-10000 ppbv (0.1-30 mPa)
      • Water Vapor: Dew Point Temperature: 190 - 300 K
  • Ozone Reference: Dual Beam UV-Photometer [Proffitt and McLaughlin, 1983]:

    • Response: 1 s
    • Precision: ± 0.025mPa
    • Accuracy: ± 2 % (0-25 km), ± 4% (30-35km)
  • Water Vapor Reference: Lyman alpha Fluorescence Hygrometer [Kley et al., 1978]:

    • Response : 1 s
    • Precision: ± 0.5 %
    • Accuracy: ± 4 %

Table:  Specifications of environmental simulation facility for the calibration of airborne ozone and humidity sensing devices.

Kley, D. and Stone, E.J., Measurement of water vapor in the stratosphere by photodissociation with Ly (a) (1216 A) light, Rev. Sci. Instrum., 49, 691-697, 1978.

Proffitt, M.H., and R.J. McLaughlin, Fast response dual-beam UV-absorption photometer suitable for use on stratospheric balloons, Rev. Sci. Instrum., 54, 1719-1728, 1983.