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Preprints 2017

  • 01/2017 Schumann, Diana: Public perception of energy systems transformation in Germany.  Preprint 01/2017 (PDF, 761 kB)
  • 02/2017 Fleer, Johannes, Zurmühlen, Sebastian, Meyer, Jonas, Badeda, Julia, Stenzel, Peter, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Sauer, Dirk Uwe: Price develop-ment and bidding strategies for battery energy storage systems on the pri-mary control reserve market.  Preprint 02/2017 (PDF, 833 kB)
  • 03/2017 Wilson, Grant I. A., Barbour, Edward, Ketelaer, Thomas, Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm: Germany and Great Britain’s bulk electrical time-shifting storage: An analysis of revenues from 2010 – 2016 using the wholesale day-ahead markets.  Preprint 03/2017 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 04/2017 Stenzel, Peter, Schreiber, Andrea, Marx, Josefine, Wulf, Christina, Schreieder, Michael, Stephanc, Lars: Renewable energies for Graciosa Is-land, Azores – Life Cycle Assessment of electricity generation.  Preprint 04/2017 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 05/2017 Vögele, Stefan, Rübbelke, Dirk, Govorukha, Kristina, Grajewski, Matthias: Socio-technical scenarios for energy intensive industries: The future of steel production in Germany in context of international competition and CO2 reduction.  Preprint 05/2017 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 06/2017 Shamon, Hawal: Surveys and Agent Based Models – A promising tie.
  • 07/2017 Ball, Christopher, Kittler, Markus: Removing environmental market failure for green start-ups through support mechanisms: insights from the British, French and German energy sectors.  Preprint 07/2017 (PDF, 360 kB)
  • 08/2017 Venghaus, Sandra, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: Nexus thinking in current EU politics – The interdependencies among food, energy, and water resources.
  • 09/2017 Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Ketelaer, Thomas, Koj, Jan Christian, Kuckshin-richs, Wilhelm, Schlör, Holger, Schreiber, Andrea, Wulf, Christina, Zapp, Petra: Operationalization of Sustainability by Life Cycle Sustainability As-sessment – The example of alkaline water electrolysis.
  • 10/2017 Lahnaoui, Amin, Stenzel, Peter, Linssen, Jochen: Techno-economic analy-sis of photovoltaic battery system configuration and location.
  • 11/2017 Linssen, Jochen, Gillessen, Bastian, Heinrichs, Heidi, Hennings, Wilfried: Scenario analysis: electrification of commercial urban road transportation and impacts on the energy system.  Preprint 11/2017 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 12/2017 Ketelaer, Thomas, McKenna, Russell, Schumann, Diana, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: Einstellungen und Potentialabschätzungen zu Lastmanagement in sechs energieintensiven Industriesektoren.  Preprint 12/2017 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 13/2017 Többen, Johannes, Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm: Impact of Renewable Energy Act on value added – A regionally differentiating analysis for Germany.
  • 14/2017 Wulf, Christina, Linssen, Jochen, Zapp, Petra: Power-to-Gas – Concepts, Demonstration and Prospects.
  • 15/2017 Schlör, Holger, Zapp, Petra, Marx, Josephine, Schreiber, Andrea, Venghaus, Sandra, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: The marginal social footprint of permanent magnet production based on rare earth elements – a social life cycle assessment. PDF: 15/2017
  • 16/2017 Schlör, Holger, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Märker, Carolin: Managing the re-silience space of the German energy system – a vector analysis.  Preprint 16/2017 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 17/2017 Schlör, Holger, Venghaus, Sandra, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: Green econo-my innovation index (GEII) – a normative innovation approach for Germany and its FEW Nexus. PDF: 17/2017
  • 18/2017 Ketelaer, Thomas: Einstellungen und Potentialabschätzungen zu Lastma-nagement im Gießereisektor. PDF: 18/2017
  • 19/2017 Schlör, Holger, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Märker, Carolin: Managing the re-silience space of the German energy system – a vector analysis.  Preprint 19/2017 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 20/2017 Märker, Carolin, Venghaus, Sandra, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: Integrated governance for the food-energy and water nexus – an application of the Management and Transition Framework.  Preprint 20/2017 (PDF, 736 kB)
  • 21/2017 Kunz, Paul, Vögele, Stefan: Cross-Impact Balance as an Approach for the Development of Consistent Storylines for the European Energy Market.
  • 22/2017 Schumann, Diana, Fischer, Wolfgang, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: Bewertung der Energiewende und Energiepolitik in der Bevölkerung.  Preprint 22/2017 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 23/2017 Hennings, Wilfried, Stenzel, Peter, Pflugradt, Noah: Performance of a pho-tovoltaic plus battery home system with load profile scenarios changing over the system life.  Preprint 23/2017 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 24/2017 Ball, Christopher, Kunz, Paul, Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm: The Phase out of Coal Power Generation in Britain and Germany: A Comparative Analysis of Drivers and Barriers.
  • 25/2017 Biß, Klaus, Ernst, Anna, Gillessen, Bastian, Gotzens, Fabian, Heinrichs, Heidi, Kunz, Paul, Schumann, Diana, Shamon, Hawal, Többen, Johannes Voegele, Stefan, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: Generating Qualitative Energy Scenarios.
  • 26/2017 Schlör, Holger, Koj, Jan, Zapp, Petra, Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm, Hake, Jür-gen-Friedrich: The social footprint of hydrogen production - A social life cy-cle assessment (sLCA) of alkaline water electrolysis.
  • 27/2017 Vögele, Stefan, Rübbelke, Dirk, Mayer, Philip Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm: Germany’s “No” to Carbon Capture and Storage: Just a Question of Lack-ing Acceptance?
  • 28/2017 Schlör, Holger, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Venghaus, Sandra: An integrated assessment model for the German food-energy-water nexus.
  • 29/2017 Wulf, Christina, Werker, Jasmin, Zapp, Petra, Schreiber, Andrea, Schlör, Holger, Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm: Sustainable development goals as a guide-line for indicator selection in Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment.
  • 30/2017 Vögele, Stefan, Ball, Christopher: Germany: Frontrunner in Europe with Respect to Energy System Transition?
  • 31/2017 Gotzens, Fabian, Heinrichs, Heidi, Hörsch, Jonas: Performing energy mod-elling exercises in a transparent way – the issue of data quality in power plant databases.
  • 32/2017 Gotzens, Fabian, Heinrichs, Heidi, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Allelein, Hans-Josef: The influence of continued reductions in renewable energy cost on the European electricity system.
  • 33/2017 Ball, Christopher, Burt, George, Vries, Frans de: How environmental pro-tection agencies can promote eco-innovation: The prospect of voluntary re-ciprocal legitimacy.
  • 34/2017 Zapp, Petra, Marx, Josefine, Schreiber, Andrea, Voßenkaul, Daniel, Frie-drich, Bernd: Comparison of dysprosium production from different re-sources by life cycle assessment.
  • 35/2017 Wulf, Christina, Reuß, Markus, Grube, Thomas, Zapp, Petra, Robinius, Martin, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Stolten, Detlef: Life Cycle Assessment of hydrogen transport and distribution options. PDF: 35/2017
  • 36/2017 Henseleit, Meike; Venghaus, Sandra; Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: Protect what matters: Values of biodiversity and implications for modelling the nexus among food, energy and water.
  • 37/2017 Ernst, Anna, Biß, Klaus, Shamon, Hawal, Schumann, Diana, Heinrichs, Heidi: Benefits and Challenges of Participatory Methods in Qualitative En-ergy Scenario Development.
  • 38/2017 Ernst, Anna: Beteiligungsprozesse im Zuge der Energiewende: Zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit.
  • 39/2017 Marx, Josefine, Schreiber, Andrea, Zapp, Petra, Walachowicz, Frank: Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of NdFeB Permanent Magnet Produc-tion from different Rare Earth Deposits.
  • 40/2017 Rübbelke, Dirk; Stahlke, Theresa; Vögele; Stefan. Klimapolitik und Kuppel-produktion: Analyse mithilfe multikriterieller Ansätze.
  • 41/2017 Ketelaer, Thomas, Russell McKenna, Diana Schumann: Energieeffizienz-maßnahmen in der Industrie: Bewertung von Investitionsparametern, Treibern und Hemmnissen.