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Preprints 2018

  • 01/2018 Govorukha, Kristina, Kunz, Paul, Mayer, Philip: Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process to facilitate the Cross-Impact Balance analysis.  Preprint 01/2018 (PDF, 718 kB)
  • 02/2018 Lahnaoui, Amin, Wulf, Christina, Heinrichs, Heidi, Dalmazzone, Didier: Optimizing hydrogen transportation system for mobility via com-pressed hydrogen trucks.  Preprint 02/2018 (PDF, 761 kB)
  • 03/2018 Lahnaoui, Amin, Wulf, Christina, Heinrichs, Heidi, Dalmazzone, Didier: Optimizing hydrogen transportation system for mobility by minimizing the cost of transportation via compressed gas truck in North Rhine-Westphalia.  Preprint 03/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 04/2018 Schlör, Holger, Venghaus, Sandra, Märker, Carolin, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: German Resilience Index (GRI) – Measuring the resilience of the German society.  Preprint 04/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 05/2018 Venghaus, Sandra, Märker, Carolin, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: Governance of the Water-Energy-Land-(Food-)Nexus in the European Union: a Comparative Analysis of Policy Integration among the Nexus Sectors.  Preprint 05/2018 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 06/2018 Schlör, Holger, Venghaus, Sandra, Märker, Carolin, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: The distribution of income & food-energy-water nexus (FEW nexus) expenditures of German households – an impact assessment time series model.  Preprint 06/2018 (PDF, 1.022 kB)
  • 07/2018 Wulf; Christina, Kaltschmitt, Martin: Hydrogen supply chains for mobility – Environmental and economic assessment.  Preprint 07/2018 (PDF, 984 kB)
  • 08/2018 Gillessen, Bastian, Heinrichs, Heidi, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Allelein, Hans-Josef: Energy security in context of transforming energy systems: a case study for natural gas transport in Germany.  Preprint 08/2018 (PDF, 3 MB)
  • 09/2018 Heinrichs, Heidi, Linssen, Jochen, Gillessen, Bastian: Climate policy beyond the European Emissions Trading System: Spotlight on the transport sector in Germany.  Preprint 09/2018 (PDF, 589 kB)
  • 10/2018 Jesse, Bernhard-Johannes, Heinrichs, Heidi, Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm: Adapting the theory of resilience for energy systems: A review and outlook.  Preprint 10/2018 (PDF, 787 kB)
  • 11/2018 Rübbelke, Dirk, Stahlke, Theresa, Vögele, Stefan: Klimapolitik und Sekundäreffekt: Eine Analyse mithilfe eines multikriteriellen Ansatzes am Beispiel von Carbon Capture und Storage (CCS).  Preprint 11/2018 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 12/2018 Werker, Jasmin, Christina, Wulf, Zapp, Petra: Working conditions in hydrogen production – a Social Life Cycle Assessment.  Preprint 12/2018 (PDF, 658 kB)
  • 13/2018 Märker, Carolin; Milchram Christine: The role of values in analysing energy systems: Insights from moral philosophy, institutional economics and sociology.  Preprint 13/2018 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 14/2018 Milchram, Christine, Märker Carolin: The role of values in analyzing energy systems: Insights from moral philosophy, institutional economics and sociology (ICAE Paper).  Preprint 14/2018 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 15/2018 Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm, Koj, Jan: Levelized cost of energy from private and social perspectives: The case of improved alkaline water electrolysis. PDF: 15/2018
  • 16/2018 Abu-Eisheh, Sameer, Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm, Dwaikat, Abdelnaser: Strategic planning for sustainable transportation in developing countries: The role of vehicles.  Preprint 16/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 17/2018 Hawal Shamon, Carl Berning: Attention Check Items and Instructions in Online Surveys: Boon or Bane for Data Quality? PDF: 17/2018
  • 18/2018 Schumann, Diana: Energiebezogene Einstellungen und Verhaltensmuster in Nordrhein-Westfalen. PDF: 18/2018
  • 19/2018 Schürmann, Karin, Ernst, Anna, Schumann, Diana, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: Energiewende als Gemeinschaftsprojekt – Wie viel Partizipation brauchen Transformationsprozesse?  Preprint 19/2018 (PDF, 409 kB)
  • 20/2018 Weber, Juliane, Reyers, Mark, Beck, Christian, Timme, Marc, Pinto, Joaquim G., Witthaut, Dirk, Schäfer, Benjamin: Wind Power Persistence is Governed by Superstatistics.
  • 21/2018 Zhang, Xiaozhu, Hallerberg, Sarah, Matthiae, Moritz, Witthaut, Dirk, Timme, Marc: Fluctuation-induced Distributed Resonances in Oscillatory Networks.
  • 22/2018 Weber, Juliane, Heinrichs, Heidi Ursula, Gillessen, Bastian, Schumann, Diana, Horsch, Jonas, Brown, Tom, Witthaut, Dirk: Counter-intuitive behaviour of energy system models under CO2 caps and prices.
  • 23/2018 Weber, Juliane, Gotzens, Fabian, Witthaut, Dirk: Impact of Strong Climate Change on the Statistics of Wind Power Generation in Europe.
  • 24/2018 Wulf, Christina, Linssen, Jochen, Zapp, Petra: Life Cycle Assessment of hydrogen transport and distribution options.  Preprint 24/2018 (PDF, 602 kB)
  • 25/2018 Koj, Jan Christian, Wulf, Christina, Zapp, Petra: Environmental impacts of Power-to-X - A review of Life Cycle Assessments.  Preprint 25/2018 (PDF, 399 kB)
  • 26/2018 Kunz, Paul: Methodological extensions for Cross-Impact-Balance studies.  Preprint 26/2018 (PDF, 549 kB)
  • 27/2018 Wohland, Jan, Witthaut, Dirk, Schleussner, Carl-Friedrich: Negative emission potential of Direct Air Capture powered by renewable excess electricity in Europe.  Preprint 27/2018 (PDF, 908 kB)
  • 28/2018 Strake, Julius, Kaiser, Franz, Basiri, Farnaz, Ronellenfitsch, Henrik, Witthaut, Dirk: Non-Local Impact of Link Failures in Linear Flow Networks.  Preprint 28/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 29/2018 Hrvoje Mikulčić, Neven Duić, Holger Schlör, Raf Dewil: Troubleshooting the problems arising from sustainable development.  Preprint 29/2018 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 30/2018 Belka, Maria, Dieken, Sophia, Jesse, Bernhard-Johannes: Resilience of Energy Systems and Energy Security – Tagungsbericht zum High-Level Seminar des Institut für Systemforschung und technologischen Entwicklungen (IEK-STE) des Forschungszentrum Jülich, 14.-15. Februar 2018 in Bonn.  Preprint 30/2018 (PDF, 388 kB)
  • 31/2018 Shamon, Hawal, Schumann, Diana, Fischer, Wolfgang, Vögele, Stefan Heinrichs, Heidi U., Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm: Arguments on Electricity Generating Technologies: Examining Biased Processing, Attitude Polarization and Awareness Effects.  Preprint 31/2018 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 32/2018 Mayer, Philip, Ball, Christopher, Vögele, Stefan, Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm: Analyzing Brexit: Implications for the British Power System.  Preprint 32/2018 (PDF, 3 MB)
  • 33/2018 Schreiber, Andrea, Marx, Josefine, Zapp, Petra: Comparative life cycle assessment of electricity generation by different wind turbine types.  Preprint 33/2018 (PDF, 861 kB)
  • 34/2018 Weber, Juliane, Wohland, Jan, Reyers, Mark, Moemken, Julia, Hoppe, Charlotte, Pinto, Joaquim G., Witthaut, Dirk: Impact of climate change on backup energy and storage needs in wind-dominated power systems in Europe.  Preprint 34/2018 (PDF, 5 MB)
  • 35/2018 Weber, Juliane, Zachow, Christopher, Witthaut, Dirk: Modeling long correlation times using additive binary Markov chains: applications to wind generation time series.  Preprint 35/2018 (PDF, 4 MB)
  • 36/2018 Sharafutdinov, Konstantin, Rydin, Leonardo, Matthiae, Moritz, Faulwasser, Timm, Witthaut, Dirk: Rotor-angle versus voltage instability in the third-order model for synchronous generator.  Preprint 36/2018 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 37/2018 Basiri, Farnaz, Casadiego, Jose, Timme, Marc, Witthaut, Dirk: Inferring Power Grid Topology under Uncertainties.  Preprint 37/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 38/2018 Wohland, Jan, Reyers, Mark, Maerker, Carolin, Witthaut, Dirk: Natural wind variability triggered drop in German redispatch volume and costs from 2015 to 2016.  Preprint 38/2018 (PDF, 4 MB)
  • 39/2018 Hoersch, Jonas, Ronellenfitsch, Henrik, Witthaut, Dirk, Brown, Tom: Linear Optimal Power Flow Using Cycle Flows.  Preprint 39/2018 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 40/2018 Schäfer, Benjamin, Beck, Christian Aihara, Kazuyuki, Witthaut, Dirk, Timme, Marc: Non-Gaussian Power Grid Frequency Fluctuations Characterized by Levy-stable Laws and Superstatistics.  Preprint 40/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 41/2018 Schäfer, Benjamin, Witthaut, Dirk, Timme, Marc, Latora, Vito: Dynamically induced cascading failures in power grids.  Preprint 41/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 42/2018 Schröder, Malte, Nagler, Jan, Timme, Marc, Witthaut, Dirk: Hysteretic percolation from locally optimal individual decisions.  Preprint 42/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 43/2018 Schonhoff, Andreas, Jablonowski, David Nicolai, Zapp, Petra: Environmental competitiveness evaluation by Life Cycle Assessment for solid fuels generated from Sida hermaphrodita biomass.  Preprint 43/2018 (PDF, 962 kB)
  • 44/2018 Schäfer, Benjamin, Witthaut, Dirk, Timme, Marc: How decentral smart grid control limits non-Gaussian power grid frequency fluctuations.  Preprint 44/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)
  • 45/2018 Batista, Eder, Tchuisseu, Tchawou, Gomila, Damia, Colet, Pere, Witthaut, Dirk, Timme, Marc, Schäfer, Benjamin: Curing Braess Paradox by Secondary Controlin Power Grids.  Preprint 45/2018 (PDF, 1 MB)
  • 46/2018 Johannes Többen & Thomas Schröder. A cross-entropy approach to the estimation of spatially, sectorally and temporally disaggregated Electricity Load Curves.  Preprint 46/2018 (PDF, 2 MB)