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Numerous questions of great public interest can only be answered using an interdisciplinary approach within energy systems analysis. This requires a simultaneous analysis of interacting technical, economic and ecological subsystems. Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (IEK STE) takes on this challenge, focusing on the long-term supply and demand characteristics of energy systems. This requires above all a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that takes into account technically, economically, environmentally and socially relevant correlations. These include aspects related to the security of supply, economic efficiency and environmental protection. This three-fold strategy is oriented towards social and political principles such as sustainable development.

Head: Dr. W. Kuckshinrichs


Energy and Climate Policy

A sustainable energy system is a policy objective that is met with broad approval by society and politics. More: Energy and Climate Policy …


Energy Economy

An important objective of our work is to analyse energy use and its impact on the environment, and to develop options for a sustainable energy supply. More: Energy Economy …


Energy Technology

Important framework conditions for a sustainable energy supply are security of supply, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility. More: Energy Technology …