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Institute of Energy and Climate Research

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IEK-STE’s expertise comprises ...

... modelling ...


The representation of facts in mathematical models ensures consistency, transparency and reproducibility. The range of models used by IEK-STE comprises process chain models, sector simulations and macroeconomic energy system models.

... the creation of scenarios ...


Scenarios are used to analyse complex situations in the systems context and study possible reactions. They allow scientists to perform model-based analyses prospectively, taking into account the societal framework. Scenarios may be explorative or normative.

... holistic technology evaluation ...


Holistic technology evaluation is oriented towards the delimitations of different systems and based on sets of indicators that take into account the systematic interconnections between technology, economy, ecology and society. Sets of indicators are a tool for pre-processing differentiated scientific analyses for policy makers.

... and policy advice.


Policy advice is directed at policy makers in politics, industry, and NGOs. It is based on scientific analyses and comprises the condensation of the results found as well as the formulation of solution-oriented courses of action.