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"Beam Cooling at COSY and HESR"

Hans Stockhorst, Takeshi Katayama and Rudolf Maier

The book "Beam Cooling at COSY and HESR – Part 1 Theory" has been published and is available for download.

The intention of the theory part of the book is to outline a comprehensives and contiguous description of the stochastic cooling theory which is applied in the cooling simulations to predict the beam properties in internal target experiments at COSY and HESR. The cooling formalism is extended to include the beam-target interaction.

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The authors have investigated the beam cooling process in the HESR for these several years, developing the cooling theory and the simulation code and frequently performing the experiment at the COSY to confirm the simulation results and benchmark the computer code. After the intensive work it is now concluded that the stochastic cooling is able to attain the high resolution antiproton beam for the energy range 1 to 14 GeV and will meet the requirements for internal target experiments with heavy ions too.

The aim of the theory part of the book is to present a detailed derivation of the longitudinal and betatron stochastic cooling formalism which is applied in part 2 of the book to determine the cooling predictions for COSY or the HESR including internal targets and Intrabeam Scattering.

The book can be downloaded here.