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Annual Report 2018 published

The actual annual report of the IKP has been published and is available for download.

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Description of the title page image:

  1. Borexino results on pp, 7Be (862 + 384 keV), pep, and CNO solar ν’s: interaction rates and fluxes, inferred assuming the MSW-LMA oscillation parameters.
  2. Exclusive measurements of the quasi-free pp→ppπ+π reaction measured at WASA@COSY with a deuteron target covering the energy region of the N+(1440) and ∆(1232)∆(1232) resonance excitations. Calculations describing these excitations by t-channel meson exchange (dashed line) underpredict substantially the experimental total cross section. The shaded band shows isospin based predictions. The solid line results by adding the production of a D21 resonance with a strength fitted to the data.
  3. The picture shows the measured EDM resonance strength ε of polarized deuterons with momenta of 970 MeV/c as function of the physical rotation of the RF Wien filter φWF around the beam axis and spin rotations in the snake χsol.
  4. Reconstruction of Ξ decay channel Ξ+/−π+π from a Monte Carlo generated event sample showing clear signatures of the resonant states Ξ(1690) and Ξ(1820).
  5. The calculated binding energies from 3H to 48Ca. The solid symbols denote the lattice results and the open symbols denote the experimental values.
  6. Compensation of beam loss and size increase due to passing through a cluster-target consistent with densities expected at PANDA by stochastic cooling.

The annual report can be downloaded here.