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High energy antiproton physics, hadron structure and quark-gluon dynamics


The HESR synchrotron, part of the GSI FAIR project, is dedicated to the field of high energy antiproton physics with high quality beams over the broad momentum range from 1.5 to 15 GeV/c to explore the research areas of hadron structure and quark-gluon dynamics. An important feature of the new facility is the combination of phase space cooled beams with internal targets which opens new capabilities for high precision experiments.

The 575m long HESR is designed as a racetrack-shaped storage ring with a magnetic bending power of 50 Tm, including 132 m long straight sections. One of these sections will be used for installation of an internal target and the sophisticated PANDA detector, the other houses cooling equipment.

Two other experimental groups (ASSIA and PAX) expressed interest in spin physics experiments at the HESR. In the HESR design sufficient space is reserved to allow an upgrade for polarised beams.

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