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OpenAccess [FZJ-2020-05405] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
FET PET Radiomics for Differentiating Pseudoprogression from Early Tumor Progression in Glioma Patients Post-Chemoradiation
Cancers 12(12), 3835 - () [10.3390/cancers12123835]
Currently, a reliable diagnostic test for differentiating pseudoprogression from early tumor progression is lacking. We explored the potential of O-(2-[18F]fluoroethyl)-L-tyrosine (FET) positron emission tomography (PET) radiomics for this clinically important task [...]
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[FZJ-2020-04711] Poster (Invited)
; ; ; et al
Jahrestagung der Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO), virtualvirtual, virtual, 19 Nov 2020 - 21 Nov 20202020-11-192020-11-21
BACKGROUNDRecently, the Response Assessment in Neuro-Oncology (RANO) Working Group emphasized the additional diagnostic value of amino acid PET in addition to MRI. However, the number of studies using amino acid PET/MRI radiomics is still low. [...]
OpenAccess [FZJ-2020-03862] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Investigating obesity‐associated brain inflammation using quantitative water content mapping
There is growing evidence that obesity is associated with inflammation in the brain, which could contribute to the pathogenesis of obesity. In humans, it is challenging to detect brain inflammation in vivo. [...]
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OpenAccess [FZJ-2020-03204] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Impact of Cholesterol on the Stability of Monomeric and Dimeric Forms of the Translocator Protein TSPO: A Molecular Simulation Study
Molecules 25(18), 4299 - () [10.3390/molecules25184299]
The translocator protein (TSPO) is a transmembrane protein present across the three domains of life. Its functional quaternary structure consists of one or more subunits [...]
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OpenAccess [FZJ-2020-03180] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Hybrid MM/CG Webserver: Automatic Set Up of Molecular Mechanics/Coarse-Grained Simulations for Human G Protein-Coupled Receptor/Ligand Complexes
Hybrid Molecular Mechanics/Coarse-Grained (MM/CG) simulations help predict ligand poses in human G protein-coupled receptors (hGPCRs), the most important protein superfamily for pharmacological applications. This approach allows the description of the ligand, the binding cavity, and the surrounding water molecules at atomistic resolution, while coarse-graining the rest of the receptor. [...]
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OpenAccess [FZJ-2020-03121] Poster (Other)
; ; ; et al
Design and Simulation of a high-resolution and high-sensitivity BrainPET insert for 7T MRI
NuklearMedizin 2020, LeipzigLeipzig, Germany, 6 Jul 2020 - 9 Jul 20202020-07-062020-07-09
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OpenAccess [FZJ-2020-03006] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Effect of a multicomponent exercise intervention on brain metabolism: A randomized controlled trial on Alzheimer's pathology (Dementia‐MOVE)
BackgroundPhysical activity has shown a positive impact on aging and neurodegeneration and represents a possible treatment option in cognitive decline. However, its underlying mechanisms and influences on brain pathology remain unclear. [...]
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Embargoed OpenAccess [FZJ-2020-02995] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Dynamic B 0 shimming for multiband imaging using high order spherical harmonic shims
PurposeTo describe and implement a strategy for dynamic slice‐by‐slice and multiband B0 shimming using spherical harmonic shims in the human brain at 7T.TheoryFor thin axial slices, spherical harmonic shims can be divided into pairs of shims (z‐degenerate and non‐z‐degenerate) that are spatially degenerate, such that only ½ of the shims (non‐z‐degenerate) are required for single slice optimizations. However, when combined, the pairs of shims can be used to simultaneously generate the same in‐plane symmetries but with different amplitudes as a function of their z location. [...]
Published on 2020-08-28. Available in OpenAccess from 2021-08-28.: Volltext herunterladenPDF; Volltext: Volltext herunterladenPDF;
[FZJ-2020-02905] Contribution to a conference proceedings/Contribution to a book
; ; ; et al
Model-Driven Development Methodology Applied to Real-Time MEG Signal Preprocessing System Design
2017 European Modelling Symposium (EMS) : [Proceedings] - IEEE, 2017. - ISBN 978-1-5386-1410-5 - doi:10.1109/EMS.2017.16
2017 UKSim-AMSS 11th European Modelling Symposium (EMS), ManchesterManchester, United Kingdom, 20 Nov 2017 - 21 Nov 20172017-11-202017-11-21
IEEE 28-33 () [10.1109/EMS.2017.16]
Model-based system engineering (MBSE) provides a high-level environment and efficiently handles the ever-rising complexity of computation and control systems. We introduce a requirement-driven, model-based development methodology (RDD & MBD) for real-time computation systems based on vendor neutral specifications. [...]
OpenAccess [FZJ-2020-02875] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Optimization of high-channel count, switch matrices for multinuclear, high-field MRI
PLOS ONE 15(8), e0237494 - () [10.1371/journal.pone.0237494]
Modern magnetic resonance imaging systems are equipped with a large number of receive connectors in order to optimally support a large field-of-view and/or high acceleration in parallel imaging using high-channel count, phased array coils. Given that the MR system is equipped with a limited number of digitizing receivers and in order to support operation of multinuclear coil arrays, these connectors need to be flexibly routed to the receiver outside the RF shielded examination room. [...]
OpenAccess: Volltext herunterladenPDF Volltext herunterladenPDF (PDFA); Volltext: August 2020 Customer Statement- PAB306070 - Volltext herunterladenPDF Volltext herunterladenPDF (PDFA); August 2020 Invoice- PAB306070 - Volltext herunterladenPDF Volltext herunterladenPDF (PDFA);

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