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Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine

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The main focus of the INM-5 is on the development of radionuclides and radiotracers for use in positron emission tomography (PET).  

The research topics are:

- The examination of new production routes to radionuclides for medical application (diagnostic and therapeutic use).

- The development of new labelling methods for radionuclides for diagnostic application.

- The development of new radiotracers for the molecular imaging of receptor systems involved in neurodegenerative diseases.

The INM-5 has working groups in the field of radionuclide development, radiotracer development and radiopharmacology and, furthermore, a group responsible for the routine production of radiotracers for human use. The latter is the interface between the radiochemistry and medicine, that provides the PET-sites in and outside of the FZJ with new innovative radiotracers under GMP-conditions