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Person and Neuroethics

Person and neuroethics are core topics of both philosophical and psychological research. In this research field, the latest findings of philosophical and psychological research on the characteristics and features of personality and the person are related to the objects of neuroscientific research.
To find out more about how best to deal with persons in their role as patients or volunteers in medical and scientific experiments, the capacity for autonomy typical of the person is more closely determined. This capacity is embodied in the principle of autonomous consent.

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Representation and Modelling

The prospects of success for neuroscientific research into mental processes depend in part on the underlying models of the structure and of the function of mental states and on the hypotheses concerning the interaction between mental states and neural processes. Such hypotheses are primarily formulated by psychologists and philosophers. In this research field, their findings are subjected to a methodological investigation; they are tested with respect to their verifiability using neuroscientific methods and may undergo such a verification process.

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