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The scientific computing (SC) group in the JCNS outstation at FRM II is a joint project group of Forschungszentrum Jülich and Technische Universität München.


Data Analysis Software

We support instrument scientists and their users in all questions related to data analysis. We develop and maintain dedicated data-analysis software for neutron scattering and coordinate the standardisation of data formats.

We preferentially use open-source software, and contribute to open-source projects. We collaborate with other scattering centres in Europe, and participate in the data treatment software part of SINE2020


Application Server

For software downloads and for information about ongoing projects, see our application server at


Opportunities for Students

At any moment, we offer interesting subjects for internships (Werkstudent, Studienarbeit, Praxissemester) and for theses (BSc, MSc, PhD) in physics and in computer science. Please contact a group member for more information.


Group Members

Dr. Joachim Wuttke

Head of the group


Tel.: +49 89 289-10715

Dr. Marina Ganeva


Tel.: +49 89 289-11656

Dr. Gennady Pospelov


Tel.: +49 89 289-10776

Dr. Zamaan Raza