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4th Joint Workshop of RIKEN RAP and JCNS

22 - 24 June 2020, by webinar

The Japanese RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics (RAP) and the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS) held their fourth joint workshop on compact accelerator-driven neutron sources (CANS)  on 22 – 24 June, 2020 as a special webinar due to the current travel restrictions world wide.

The workshop tackled common research topics regarding the development of target, moderator and instrument systems for CANS at both institutes.  

Workshop Programme

Monday, 22 June 2020
09:00Dr. Y. Otake, Dr. T. Gutberlet  Welcome RIKEN, Welcome JCNS (PDF, 2 MB)
09:10    Dr. P. Zakalek  Big Karl Experimental Area (PDF, 2 MB)
09:30Dr. U. Rücker  Moderator-Reflector Assembly for HBS (PDF, 735 kB)
09:50Mr. T. Kobayashi  Current status of RANS-II (PDF, 2 MB)
10:10Mr. K. Sugihara  Study on neutron field characteristics of p-Li neutron source RANS-II by simulation with PHITS (PDF, 4 MB)
10:20Coffee break
10:40Dr. A. Taketani  Quantitative determination of thin water layer thickness distributed on steel plate (PDF, 3 MB)
11:00Dr. K. Fujita  Defect detection for bulk samples via neutron scattering imaging (PDF, 2 MB)
11:20Dr. T. Takanashi  Exact CT reconstruction algorithm method and neutron imaging (PDF, 4 MB)
11:40General discussion of Day 1
12:00End of Day 1
Tuesday, 23 June 2020
09:00Dr. J. Li  Monte Carlo simulation of neutron yield measurements for Be, V and Ta targets (PDF, 979 kB)
09:20Dr. Z. Ma  Considerations about guide configuration of the TOF diffractometer at high brilliance source (PDF, 3 MB)
09:40Dr. T. Hosobata  Success of focussing mirror development for J-PARC BL16 (PDF, 3 MB)
10:00Dr. C. Iwamoto  Development of high-resolution residual stress measurement method via angle-dispersive neutron diffraction using a compact neutron source RANS (PDF, 2 MB)
10:20Coffee break
10:45Mr. M. Rimmler  Proton beam multiplexer developments towards HBS (PDF, 2 MB)
11:05Dr. S. Ikeda  Development of a 500MHz proton linear accelerator for transportable  compact neutron source, RANS-Ⅲ (PDF, 2 MB)
11:25 Dr. A. Mauerhofer  HBS Project – Target activation and radiation safety (PDF, 2 MB)
11:45General Discussion of Day 2
12:00End of Day 2
Wednesday, 24 June 2020
09:00Prof. Y. Ikeda  Design optimization and installation status of the RANS new target station for cold neutron source (PDF, 2 MB)
09:20Mr. M. Strothmann  Measurement of mesitylene moderator efficiency @COSY (FZJ) (PDF, 1 MB)
09:40Mr. A. Schwab  Cold Moderator development for HBS (PDF, 1 MB)
10:00Dr. Y. Wakabayashi  Exploitation of neutron applications with gamma-ray detection at  RANS and  RANS-μ (PDF, 3 MB)
10:20Coffee break
10:40Dr. J. Baggemann  Cooling of high power targets (PDF, 2 MB)
11:00Mr. N. Ophoven  Radiation induced material damage – Status quo of current simulations of the Ta target (PDF, 3 MB)
11:20Dr. J. Li  FLUKA and MCNP simulation benchmark for neutron yield measurement (PDF, 1 MB)
11:40General Discussion of Day 3
12:00End of Day 3, End of Workshop