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Ongoing Ph.D., Bachelor and Master Theses

supervised by Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel, JCNS-2


  1. Wang, Xiao
    Single Crystal Growth and Neutron Scattering Studies of Quantum Materials
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2016


  2. Stellhorn, Annika
    Wechselwirkung zwischen Ferromagneten - Supraleiter Dünnschichten
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2017

  3. Schöffmann, Patrick
    Künstliche Multiferroica durch Heterostrukturen aus SrCoOx und ferroelektrischen Substraten
    Ph.D. Thesis, since June 2017

  4. Ilic, Zeljko
    Optimization and Characterization in the FaNGas facility at MLZ and its application to chemical analysis of large samples
    Ph.D. Thesis, since June 2017

  5. Ait Haddouch, Mohammed
    Spin-Lattice Coupling in Magnetocaloric Materials
    Ph.D. Thesis, since June 2017

  6. Maraytta, Nour
    Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation Measurements on Materials for Magnetocaloric Cooling
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2017

  7. Bhatnagar, Tanvi
    Atomically resolved magnetism in oxide heterostructures
    Ph.D. Thesis, since October 2017


  8. Köhler, Tobias
    Struktur und Magnetismus der Grenzflächen von superparamagnetischen Nanoteilchen
    Ph.D. Thesis, since June 2018

  9. Rimmler, Marius
    Entwicklung eines Multiplexer-Systems zur Strahlverteilung an einer kompakten beschleunigerbasierten Neutronenquelle
    Ph.D. Thesis, since July 2018

  10. Thoma, Henrik
    Germanium-based multiferroic compounds with melilite structure
    Ph.D. Thesis, since July 2018

  11. Nandakumaran, Nileena
    Self-Assembly of Magnetic Dumbbell Nanoparticles Studied by Advanced Scattering Techniques
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2018

  12. Eich, Andreas
    Influence of hydrostatic pressure on the magnetic and superconducting properties of CrAs
    Ph.D. Thesis, since December 2018


  13. Rai, Venus
    Transport and Magnetic Properties of Weyl Semimetals
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2019

  14. Jana, Subhadip
    Magnetic Structure and Transport Properties of doped Weyl Semimetals Mn3Sn
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2019

  15. Strothmann, Mathias
    Effizienz von Neutronenerzeugung und Moderation für eine kompakte beschleunigergetriebene Neutronenquelle
    Master's Thesis, since May 2019

  16. Sievers, Sebastian
    Characterisation of Magnetic Nanoparticles by Magnetometry, X-ray scattering and Electron Microscopy
    Bachelor Thesis, since October 2019

  17. Phanse, Pradnya
    Magnetic nanoparticles on flexible substrates

    Master's Thesis, since October 2019

  18. Zhang, Hengbo
    Einfluß der Sauerstoff-Stöchiometrie auf die physikalischen Eigenschaften von komplexen Oxid-Dünnschichten
    Master's Thesis, since November 2019

  19. Ding, Qi
    Simulation of transport processes for accelerator-driven neutron sources
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2019

  20. Schwab, Alexander
    Entwicklung und Bau eines Kryostaten für einen kompakten kryogenen Neutronenmoderator zum Betrieb bei Temperaturen unterhalb von 10 K
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2019

  21. He, Suqin
    Topotactic phase transitions for neuromorphic behavior
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2019


  22. Hakala, Branislav
    High-pressure, high-temperature studies on low-valent vanadium oxides
    Ph.D. Thesis, since January 2020