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Selected Publications

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel

U. Rücker, T. Cronert, J. Voigt, J.P. Dabruck, P.E. Doege, J. Ulrich, R. Nabbi, Y. Bessler, M. Butzek, M. Büscher, C. Lange, M. Klaus, T. Gutberlet, Th. Brückel
 The Jülich High-Brilliance Neutron Source Project (PDF, 4 MB)
Eur. Phys. J. Plus 131 (2016), 19

Y. Xiao, C. M. N. Kumar, S. Nandi, Y. Su, W. T. Jin, Z. Fu, E. Faulhaber, A. Schneidewind, Th. Brückel
 Spin-wave and electromagnon dispersions in multiferroic MnWO4 as observed by neutron spectroscopy: Isotropic Heisenberg exchange versus anisotropic Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (PDF, 1 MB)
Physical Review B 93 (2016), 214428

Z. Fu, Y. Xiao, Y. Su, Y Zheng, P. Kögerler, Th. Brückel
 Low-lying magnetic excitations and magnetocaloric effect of molecular magnet K6[V15As6O42(H2O)]⋅8H2O (PDF, 1 MB)
EPL 112 (2015), 270031

P. Hering, K. Friese, J. Voigt, J. Perßon, N. Aliouane, A. Grzechnik, A. Senyshyn, Th. Brückel
 Structure, Magnetism, and the Magnetocaloric Effect of MnFe4Si3 Single Crystals and Powder Samples (PDF, 3 MB)
Chem. Mater. 27 (2015), 7128

Nandi, S.; Jin, W. T.; Xiao, Y.; Su, Y.; Price, S.; Shukla, D. K.; Strempfer, J.; Jeevan, H. S.; Gegenwart, P.; Brückel, T.
 Coexistence of Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism in P-doped EuFe2As2 (PDF, 612 kB)
Physical Review B 89 (2014), 014512: 1 - 7

Voigt, J.; Violini, N.; Brückel, T.
 Chopper layout for spectrometers at long pulse neutron sources (PDF, 1 MB)
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 741 (2014), 26 - 32

Disch, S.; Wetterskog, E.; Hermann, R.; Korolkov, D.; Busch, P.; Boesecke, P., Lyon, O.; Vainio, U.; Sala-zar-Alvarez, G., Bergström, L.; Brückel,T.
 Structural diversity in iron oxide nanoparticle assemblies as directed by particle morphology and orientation (PDF, 485 kB)
Nanoscale 5 (2013), 3969 - 3975

Y. Xiao, Y. Su, S. Nandi, S. Price, B. Schmitz, C.M.N. Kumar, R. Mittal, T. Chatterji, N. Kumar, S.K. Dhar, A. Thamizhavel, Th. Brückel
 Anomalous in-plane magnetoresistance in a EuFe2As2 single crystal: Evidence of strong spin-charge-lattice coupling (PDF, 1 MB)
Physical Review B 85 (2012), 094504

Disch, S.; Wetterskog, E.*; Hermann, R.; Wiedenmann, A.*; Vainio, U.*; Salazar-Alvarez, G.*; Berg-ström, L.*; Brückel, T.
 Quantitative spatial magnetization distribution in iron oxide nanocubes and nanospheres by polarized small-angle neutron scattering (PDF, 1 MB)
New Journal of Physics 14 (2012), 013025: 1 - 11

Disch, S.;Wetterskog, E.*; Hermann, R.P.; Salazar-Alvarez, G.*; Busch, P.; Brückel, T.; Bergström, L.*; Kamali, S.*
 Shape Induced Symmetry in Self-Assembled Mesocrystals of Iron Oxide Nanocubes (PDF, 3 MB)
Nano Letters (2011) 11 (4), 1651 - 1656


 Number of papers in refereed journals (PDF, 284 kB) : > 260

 Number of other publications (PDF, 253 kB) : > 215

 Number of invited talks (PDF, 77 kB) : > 109

 Number of conference contributions (PDF, 345 kB) : > 392

Supervisor of Diploma and Ph.D. Students: > 138