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Experimental Platform

Based on the JULIC cyclotron at IKP at Forschungszentrum Jülich, an experimental platform for experiments using pulsed high energy proton or deuteron beams for the High Brilliance neutron Source (HBS) development has been established in the Big Karl experimental area. The platform allows proof of principle tests of target and moderator materials, validation of neutronic simulations and cold moderator development. Experiments in time-of-flight mode to measure neutron spectra and intensities can be performed.

HBS-experimental-platformHBS Experimental Platform at Big Karl area
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Based on the existing experimental station of the HBS project at the Big Karl area, a prototype of the HBS target-moderator-reflector (TMR) assembly will be installed. This HBS JULIC Neutron Platform will allow developing further the compact neutron source concept of HBS with regards to targetry, neutron provision, moderator development and optimization of the TMR unit. Tests and developments of target handling, target cooling systems, biological shielding and any other development to improve neutron provision will be possible. In addition, proton beam transport devices, beam control and dynamics, beam multiplexing or beam dump systems will be installed and tested at the platform.

The platform will also allow to design, construct, and operate versatile neutron instruments for basic neutron scattering as well as neutron analytic purposes. Taking into account the planned upgrades of the radiological shielding, a beam current of the JULIC cyclotron up to 10 A will be available with beam powers of around 760 W in CW and around 30 W in a pulsed operation mode.

Big Karl floorplan