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Magnetic polarization of Ir in underdoped non-superconducting Eu(Fe0.94Ir0.06)2As2

Although it is well established that for the iron pnictides the chemical doping suppresses the SDW order of the Fe2+ moments in the underdoped region of their phase diagrams, the magnetic properties of the transition metal dopants


themselves were not well understood so far. Combining polarized neutron diffraction and x-ray resonant magnetic scattering (XRMS) techniques, we studied the magnetism of Eu, Fe, and Ir in the underdoped, non-superconducting Eu(Fe0.94Ir0.06)2As2.

Although the antiferromagnetic order of the Fe2+ moments sets in below 85 K, the XRMS measurements at the Ir L3 edge demonstrates that the magnetic polarization of Ir 5d bands is only observed below 12 K (see figure), which is quite close to the antiferromagnetic ordering temperature of Eu. Our observation suggests that the magnetism of the Eu sublattice has a considerable effect on the magnetic nature of the 5d Ir dopant atoms and there exists a possible interplay between the localized Eu2+ moments and the conduction d electrons on the FeAs layers.

W. T. Jin et al., “Magnetic polarization of Ir in underdoped, non-superconducting Eu(Fe0.94Ir0.06)2As2”, Phys. Rev. B 93, 024517 (2016).

Contact: Yixi Su

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