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Sample preparation and pre-characterisation is a prerequisite when undertaking fundamental research on electronic and magnetic properties in polycrystalline materials, thin films and single crystals.

X-Ray facilities

In-house X-Ray facilities

GALAXI AgBeh_jpg

GALAXI - High resolution diffractometer for GISAXS


Poly-crystalline and single crystal sample preparation

Thin film preparation

Thin film preparation

M-H curve for the Mn3Ge measured using PPMS

PPMS, PPMS DynaCool and MPMS

After the successful growth of the materials, it is necessary to macroscopically characterize the samples. JCNS-2 is equipped with powerful state-of the-art instruments (MPMS, PPMS and PPMS DynaCool) to characterize samples with respect to the various physical properties as a function of magnetic, electric fields and temperature.

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MFM image

AFM instrument