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About us - JuDocs

Launched at the start of 2019, JuDocs is a cross-institutional entity providing postgraduate support at Forschungszentrum Jülich. It aims to ensure that the more than 1,000 doctoral researchers and their roughly 350 scientific supervisors at Jülich are provided with the same high level of postgraduate support and doctoral supervision. Furthermore, JuDocs seeks to strengthen the links between the institutes, graduate schools and research training groups, and the interest groups of doctoral researchers and supervisors, as well as with Corporate Development (UE) and Human Resources (P).

JuDocs houseJuDocs - central service point for all doctoral researchers and scientific supervisors

JuDocs management team

The JuDocs management team, which comprises a head and a deputy head, secures the existing expertise at Forschungszentrum Jülich in the area of postgraduate support and supervision for doctoral researchers.

Prof. I. JanzikProf. Dr. Ingar Janzik - JuDocs head (deputy speaker)

JuDocs administrative office

The JuDocs administrative office is the service and contact point for all doctoral researchers and scientific supervisors. It organizes transferable skills courses for all doctoral researchers.


  • Managing operational activities in close coordination with the JuDocs management team
  • Implementing transferable skills courses
  • Carrying out preparatory and follow-up tasks for committee work and meetings on behalf of the JuDocs management team
  • Supporting institutes in the acquisition of external funding

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JuDocs bodies & structure

JuDocs comprises the JuDocs management team, the JuDocs office, JuDocs council, and the JuDocs advisory council. This structure ensures that JuDocs remains a living and learning construct aligned with scientific requirements. The supporting processes are centralized, and thus streamlined and tailored to the relevant target groups. This also ensures close alignment with other strategically important cross-programme activities. Furthermore, JuDocs is supported by an advisory council whose primary purpose is to provide the universities awarding the doctoral degrees with an opportunity to contribute their perspective; it also promotes partnerships with neighbouring universities.

JuDocs council

The JuDocs management team is advised by the JuDocs council, which also undertakes duties relating to crisis counselling and monitoring. The council consists of representatives from all ten scientific institutes. As a rule, the members are heads of institute or designated scientific deputies with long-standing experience in supervising doctoral research. In addition, the council includes representatives of Jülich's research training groups, the DocTeam and Supervisors’ Forum, and the head of Human Resources, as well as a representative of the Works Council as a guest.


  • Advising the JuDocs management team
  • Communicating information directly to the institutes, existing research training groups and graduate schools, and doctoral researchers and supervisors
  • Monitoring all doctoral projects and thus the assessment of project progress (by scientists)
  • Providing contacts for doctoral researchers and supervisors to assist with problems and crises in a strictly confidential setting

JuDocs advisory council

This council facilitates regular interaction with the most important university partners on matters relating to the structures, processes, and regulations for doctoral supervision and support in order to ensure that the cooperation between Forschungszentrum Jülich and the various universities functions as smoothly as possible, taking into account the interests of all doctoral researchers, supervisors, and partner institutions.

The JuDocs advisory council comprises the members of the rectorates who are responsible for doctoral researchers’ concerns at neighbouring universities

JuDocs GovernanceJuDocs Governance