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Just Landed

Course Title: Just Landed
Trainer: Dr. Christine Issa
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Target Group: International Doctoral Researchers with little or no experience in the German Academic System (i.e. neither BA or MA from a German University)

Course Description:

Doing a doctorate in Germany might be different from what you expected. In our course “Just Landed”, you will get an insight into how the German Academic System and, more specifically, a German doctorate, works. You will talk about the different phases of the doctorate, what is expected from you as a doctoral researcher and what you can expect from your supervisor. Furthermore, the different roles of the Forschungszentrum and your university in your doctoral process will be addressed. Here, a special focus will be on what you definitely have to take care of at your university and your faculty, so that you can be awarded your grade without further difficulties.

In the second part of the workshop, you will talk about the questions that may arise in working and communicating at a German research center. You will discuss common challenges and most importantly, how to deal with them.


  • Introduction to German Academic Culture
  • Understanding, how doing a doctorate in Germany works
  • Developing a set of strategies for dealing with intercultural work situations

Main topics:

  • The different phases of doing a doctorate
  • Understanding the different roles of the University/the Faculty and the Forschungszentrum
  • Duties and expectations in the relationship between doctoral researcher and supervisor
  • Different expectations and communication styles in intercultural teams


  • individual and small group exercises (reflecting, discussing)
  • plenary discussions
  • trainer input

Please notice: The deadline for registrations and cancellations is always two weeks before the start of the course.


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Please notice: The deadline for registrations and cancellations is always two weeks before the start of the course.
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Course Organisation
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