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Team Communication

Course Title: Team Communication
Trainer: Dr. Kristina Böhlke
Dates: Please have a look at our calendar of events
Target Group: Doctoral researchers in the second year

Course Description:

In this workshop the participants will be introduced to team building and teamwork. A set of practical tools will enable them to handle diverse teams and to set up rules for effective teamwork. The participants will get to know moderation and conversation techniques to prepare, lead and facilitate face-to-face and virtual meetings, to intervene and solve conflicts and to deal with “difficult” or challenging people. In hands-on exercises the newly acquired communication techniques will be applied. If desired, the participants can bring their own cases from their (international) collaborations and we will discuss how project partners can be integrated and steered towards achieving the joint scientific goals.


  • Be aware of differences regarding the approach of team work and know how to handle them
  • Know how to focus diverse teams onto common goals
  • Use communication tools to facilitate constructive conversations and team discussions
  • Dare to address conflicts in the team and to work towards a solution
  • Know how to represent and enforce the interests of a team
  • Know how to network

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