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Mini Pilot Plant


  • Mini Pilot Plants integrating lab robotics and the BioLector technology for miniaturized and automated cultivation experiments.
  • Powerful robotic workflows and high-throughput assays for standard and tailor-made bioprocess optimization.



Selected publications

  • Morschett H, Schiprowski D, Müller C, Mertens K, Felden P, Meyer J, Wiechert W & Oldiges M (2017): Design and validation of a parallelized micro-photobioreactor enabling phototrophic bioprocess developmenz and elevated throughput. Biotechnol Bioeng
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  • Radek A, Müller MF, Gätgens J, Eggeling L, Krumbach K, Marienhagen J & Noack S (2016): Formation of xylitol and xylitol-5-phosphate and its impact on growth of D-xylose-utilizing Corynebacterium glutamicum. J Biotechnol
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