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Parallelized lab-scale fermentation plants

lab-scale STRs

Fourfold parallelized lab-scale bioreactor setups (200 mL – 3.8 L) for in-depth kinetic and phenotypic analysis for bioprocess engineering.

Selected publications:

  • Limberg MH, Schulte J, Aryani T, Mahr R, Baumgart M, Bott M, Wiechert W & Oldiges M (2016): Metabolic profile of 1,5-diaminopentane producing Corynebacterium glutamicum under scale-down conditions: Blueprint for robustness to bioreactor inhomogeneities. Biotechnol Bioeng
  • Schmitz K, Peter V, Meinert S, Kornfeld G, Hardiman T, Wiechert W & Noack S (2013): Simultaneous utilization of glucose and gluconate in Penicillium chrysogenum during overflow metabolism. Biotechnol Bioeng
  • Paczia N, Nilgen A, Lehmann T, Gätgens J, Wichert W & Noack S (2012): Extensive exometabolome analysis reveals extended overflow metabolism in various microorganisms. Microb Cell Fact
  • von Ooyen J, Noack S, Bott M, Reth A & Eggeling L (2012): Improved L-lysine production with Corynebacterium glutamicum and systemic insight into citrate synthase flux and activity. Biotechnol Bioeng