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Publikationsliste NEUROTEC (Stand 11/2020)

1.     Belete, M., Schneider, D., Reato, E., Engström, O., Wang, Z., Wahlbrink, T., ... & Lemme, M. C. (2020, May). Transistors, Memristors and Optoelectronics Based on Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide. In ECS Meeting Abstracts (No. 22, p. 1297). IOP Publishing.

2.     Belete, M., Kataria, S., Turfanda, A., Vaziri, S., Wahlbrink, T., Engström, O., & Lemme, M. C. (2020). Nonvolatile Resistive Switching in Nanocrystalline Molybdenum Disulfide with Ion‐Based Plasticity. Advanced Electronic Materials, 6(3), 1900892.

3.     Belete, M., Engström, O., Vaziri, S., Lippert, G., Lukosius, M., Kataria, S., & Lemme, M. C. (2020). Electron Transport across Vertical Silicon/MoS2/Graphene Heterostructures: Towards Efficient Emitter Diodes for Graphene Base Hot Electron Transistors. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12(8), 9656-9663.

4.     Bengel, C., Siemon, A., Cüppers, F., Hoffmann-Eifert, S., Hardtdegen, A., von Witzleben, M., ... & Menzel, S. (2020). Variability-Aware Modeling of Filamentary Oxide-Based Bipolar Resistive Switching Cells Using SPICE Level Compact Models. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers.

5.     Dippel, A. C., Gutowski, O., Klemeyer, L., Boettger, U., Berg, F., Schneller, T., ... & Zimmermann, M. V. (2020). Evolution of short-range order in chemically and physically grown thin film bilayer structures for electronic applications. Nanoscale, 12(24), 13103-13112.

6.     Illarionov, Y. Y., Knobloch, T., Jech, M., Lanza, M., Akinwande, D., Vexler, M. I., ... & Grasser, T. (2020). Insulators for 2D nanoelectronics: the gap to bridge. Nature Communications, 11(1), 1-15.

7.     La Torre, C., Kindsmüller, A., Son, S., Waser, R., Rana, V., & Menzel, S. (2020, September). A Compact Model for the Electroforming Process of Memristive Devices. In 2020 European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design (ECCTD) (pp. 1-4). IEEE.

8.     Maier, S., Steinberg, S., Cheng, Y., Schön, C. F., Schumacher, M., Mazzarello, R., ... & Wuttig, M. (2020). Discovering Electron‐Transfer‐Driven Changes in Chemical Bonding in Lead Chalcogenides (PbX, where X= Te, Se, S, O). Advanced Materials, 2005533.

9.     Schneider, D. S., Grundmann, A., Bablich, A., Passi, V., Kataria, S., Kalisch, H., ... & Lemme, M. C. (2020). Highly responsive flexible photodetectors based on MOVPE grown uniform few-layer MoS2. ACS Photonics.

10.   von Witzleben, M., Hennen, T., Kindsmüller, A., Menzel, S., Waser, R., & Böttger, U. (2020). Study of the SET switching event of VCM-based memories on a picosecond timescale. Journal of Applied Physics, 127(20), 204501.

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12.   Ziegler, T., Waser, R., Wouters, D. J., & Menzel, S. (2020). In‐Memory Binary Vector–Matrix Multiplication Based on Complementary Resistive Switches. Advanced Intelligent Systems, 2000134.