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Prof. Markus Ternes

Quantum Experiment in Science Raises Questions

Quantum systems are considered extremely fragile. Even the smallest interactions with the environment can result in the loss of sensitive quantum effects. In the renowned journal Science, however, researchers now present an experiment in which a quantum system consisting of two coupled atoms behaves surprisingly stable under electron bombardment. The experiment provide an indication that special quantum states might be realised in a quantum computer more easily than previously thought.

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Die Wissenschaftler verfolgten die Orbital-Tomogramme mit ultrahoher Auflösung durch die Zeit. Die Elektronen in den Molekülen wurden dafür mit Femtosekunden-Laserpulsen in ein anderes Orbital angeregt.

Ultrafast Electron Dynamics in Space and Time

In textbooks, they are often depicted as colourful clouds: electron orbitals provide information on the whereabouts of electrons in molecules. In order to understand the exchange of electrons in chemical reactions, it is not only important to know their spatial distribution but also to be able to trace their motion in time. Scientists from Jülich, Marburg, and Graz have now made huge progress in this direction.

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