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Molecular Spintronics

Research on molecular spintronics rests on three complementary pillars: chemical synthesis of molecules, theoretical modeling of molecule- substrate interfaces, and experimental realization and investigation of organic-inorganic hybrid systems. These are intensively pursued and closely cooperate in Jülich, targeting the development of single-molecule and hybrid spintronics as a major topic.


1. Magnetic subunits within a single molecule–surface hybrid
2. Quantum interference effects in molecular spin hybrids
3. Adsorption phenomena of cubane-type tetranuclear Ni(II) complexes with neutral, thioether-functionalized ligands on Au(111)
4. Structural integrity of single bis(phthalocyaninato)-Neodymium(III) molecules on metal surfaces with different reactivity
5. Accessing 4f-states in single-molecule spintronics