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Best Student Paper Award Christian Schulte-Braucks

19th Insulating films on semiconductors conference (INFOS)

Christian Schulte-Braucks, PhD. student at the Peter Grünberg Institute 9 (PGI-9 semiconductor nano electronics), has achieved the „Best Student Paper Award“ of the 19th Insulating Films On Semiconductors (INFOS) conference. The INFOS took place in Udine (Italy) from the 30th June to the 2nd July.

He received the award for his conference paper and the presentation entitled “High-k/metal gate stacks on high-Sn content GeSn alloys“, showing the characterization of MOS structures on the novel direct bandgap group IV alloy GeSn. GeSn offers great potential for the development of future energy efficient devices.
The biannual INFOS conference brings together scientists and engineers from academia and industry for discussing the newest developments on thin insulating films on semiconductors.

Christian Schulte-Braucks


Christian Schulte-Braucks
Peter Grünberg Institut (PGI-9 IT)
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